Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bounce Dryer Bar~

Okay, so I signed up to try out a sample of the new Bounce Dryer Bar. The idea was that they give you a sample and then you review it. Well, great thing they had enough people before my name was picked..... I decided to go out and buy one for our dryer. The lady on the commercial was so convincing, but the results were less than convincing for me. I bought the smaller bar as I didn't want to commit to 4 months of having something in my dryer. I am not a huge fan of having something stuck on the dryer itself, but I gave it a try anyway. The first load I did was whites, and the clothes came out smelling really strong, good/fresh. I thought hey this will be great! Ummm, yeah next load was some of my pants and shirts......spots on my clothes. I thought maybe I left something in my pocket, you never know with kids :), but, nope....sprayed and washed again, and guess what.....spots were in different places. I was frustrated, and took out the dryer bar immediately. When I took out the dryer bar I noticed that in some areas it had lint stuck to it. Because it was warm it smelled wonderful, but it is not worth ruining my laundry. So for me and my house, we will not go that route again. Hope if you are trying it you have better luck!


jsprik said...

i won't be trying it now!! not a big fan of the spotty laundry!! thnx for the heads up!!

jsprik said...

have you entered my giveaway yet?? go the the giveaway giveaway post and enter!! :)