Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Granola Bars

So I love to do crafts with the kids and any time that I can incorporate them in cooking they jump for joy! I believe that's because they see me having fun creating things in the kitchen and they see that it can be fun to cook and not a chore! Chip's mom made them aprons to do Easter eggs in this year, and the kids love now they get to wear an apron while cooking in the kitchen! So today we made granola bars! I decided not to put nuts or raisins/craisins this time, because the kids asked for peanut butter and some chocolate chips! So here is how I made them today! Let me know if you use this recipe and how you like it! It is so much fun to have the kids help and have them measure out what is needed (great teaching time!) Let me know how it works in your house, or if you have a spin off on the recipe!

So I basically start with oats (4 1/2 cups), flour (1 cup), baking soda (1 tsp.), vanilla (1 tsp.), butter (softened 2/3 C), honey (1/2 C), brown sugar (1/3 C),
and then anything you want to add in.

I usually will put in crushed almonds, craisins, sometimes chocolate chips. I have found that if you do the choc. chips that you can get by with a heaping cup (more if you like), the rest you can add as you desire. Sometimes my kids are into a real nut/berries kick and I will overload it!
So after you get everything mixed together, put in a greased pan (depending on how thick you want them 9x13 or smaller) and bake at 325 for 15-18 min. Let them cool about 10 min. and cut them into bars, and then let rest until completely cooled! Store in an airtight container, although they go fast here!

So it's an easy recipe, tons of fun with the kids! And you most likely have everything in your house to make them! So go have fun!!!


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