Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Menu Planning and Haiti Update!

Huge Update: Praise Jesus, my heart is rejoicing!
To Date Total ($855 + this week $355)= $1210 raised!!!!
Do you know what that means?!
One woman in Haiti IS going to have a clean and safe delivery!!!
Not only that but she will get to learn about the love of Jesus and learn life skills!
This money is going to be put to great use for Heartline Ministries! Please keep donating and support Laura and I in prayer as we run our FIRST half-marathon in honor of HAITI!!!

I feel like this week is slipping through my fingers already, thus I need to make my plans now! I have my running schedule set, now I am getting my cleaning and meal schedule set!
This week and next are going to be some fend for yourself meals....spring break starts this Thursday, and I wasn't able to get a shift covered so the kids are going on vacation with my parents and then Chip and I are working! Yeah, praying for some extra money!!
Here are this weeks meals:
Last night I worked so the kids and Chip had pizza.
Tuesday: Hamburgers and Hot dogs on the grill
Wednesday: Dinner with mom and dad! Applebee's
Thursday: Chicken with veggies
Friday: I work 16 hours- I will have a lasagna dish for Chip to throw in the oven!
Saturday: I work 12 hours- Shredded Chicken in the crock pot for Chicken Tacos
Sunday: Pork steak, green beans, stuffing

Here is my mantra for my ten mile run this week:
Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today's Run

Okay today I was going to run 9 miles, I didn't quite plan it very well, I started out on the treadmill and ran 4 miles, then I left the gym and ran outside back to the house. It was beautiful outside and then I saw the kids at the park. Once we got back home I looked at my miles on iMapmyRun, it said 8.43.......ummm I was already sitting on our driveway and stretching out my legs, so going back on the road to finish another half mile, well my devotion was lost. But I am pleased to say I finished an 8.43 mile run! I was able sing during part of it, amazing! I wasn't out of breath, but my legs sure did let me know once I stopped that I walked like an 80 year old! Yikes, nothing a little stretching and a hot tub couldn't fix!

Okay so this weeks runs consist of:
Monday: Work
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 6 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: Work and 4 miles
Saturday: Work
Sunday: 10 miles
Thank you for all your prayers, please keep Laura in your prayers for her runs this week as well! It really is moving, when you step back to look at the bigger picture. You have two women, whom aren't runners and never could have imagined running, let alone running 13.1 miles all at once. And not only are we doing it, but we are doing it for a GREAT cause in Haiti! Please remember Heartline Ministries and donate!
Be Blessed this Week!!

Friday, March 23, 2012


I just wanted to update you all on how much has been raised for Heartline Ministries!

As of March 13, we have raised $855 for Heartline Ministries. THANK YOU!
Please follow the pay pal link and donate and support our running for Haiti!
Laura and I appreciate each of you that have shown your support!
Keep it up, we still have 43 days to raise support and bless the socks off Hearline Ministries!!!

Today's Run

Today I have to admit, I actually enjoyed my run~ Yes, be shocked this non-runner just confessed that she actually wait for it, enjoyed her run today?!

I did 5 miles and the temperature was PERFECT!! It sprinkled a little while I ran, which wasn't as bad as I had envisioned it being. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that we are having summer type weather in March. But let me tell you something, try running outside in the heat, my last run outside left something to be desired. I finished my run slower than normal and completely drenched in sweat, not just my face, etc., but my arms and legs too.....seriously shouldn't that be at least 5 lbs. off instantly just from sweating that much?! Anyway, my time wasn't that bad today my average mile pace was 12min. I will take that, I carried my water bottle and I could breathe!!! My legs are rather tight, but I stopped about half into my run and stretched. It was fun to see other people out running. Running outside today required me to set my pace and not depend on the treadmill to set it for me. I would like to run faster, and normally can on the treadmill, but I will take that 12 today as a success, especially with taking two weeks off due to pneumonia!
I am praying that my run tomorrow will go just as well, 9 miles!!! This will be my first time attempting 9 miles! I know I can do it, I am sure my legs are strong enough to push through....I am however praying that my lungs can handle it! I am also planning on doing my run outside tomorrow provided it isn't raining too hard.

Well, I just wanted to share how well today went! Thanks for lifting me up in prayer! It is actually pretty amazing being a non-runner being able to run/jog this many miles. All my praise goes to God for bringing me this far!

HEY! Check out Laura's Blog!!!
She just ran 10 MILES!!! Congrats Laura, I am so proud of you!
We will get there!! Let's continue to run for HAITI!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This weeks Running~

I thought I would update quickly as I have been limiting time on the computer as one of my things during lent. I have completely given up Facebook during lent and changed two other points in my life to add more concentration on the real reason for lent!
According to a few emails I received, posting my schedule is and should be of utmost importance. So the small amount of time I have allotted daily to emails, etc I will post! Sorry for any frustrations as of late!

I had pneumonia for two weeks and needed to be on two rounds of antibiotics, steroids, inhalers, etc. So running didn't happen during that time. Believe me I tried, but I couldn't breathe.
So this week I am jumping back into my running schedule, my body knows what to do, but is a little reluctant to jump back into the swing of things. Today I RAN 4 miles, yes that doesn't sound inspiring to my running buddies, but listen I couldn't breathe and I had trouble doing 3 the other day so 4 today was perfect!

Today-4 miles
Friday-4 miles
Saturday-9 miles
Sunday-4 miles
Please be praying for my Saturday run, I am not going to go easy this week, two weeks off was long enough and I don't have very much time before the run, more importantly I am excited to run for Haiti and look forward to raising money for their ministry there!!!
My friend Laura that is running with me, really is rocking it, but could use all your prayers as well! You can check out her blog to the right or here is her link!