Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Week's Menu~

This week is going to be cheap and simple (No grocery visit this week!)

Cereal, Fruit, Hard Boiled Eggs, Pancakes, Smoothies
Sandwiches, Fruit, Granola and Yogurt, Soup, Grilled Cheese, Salads
Goulash, Spaghetti & Garlic Bread, Ground Beef Noodles in Sour Cream Sauce (recipe in comments), Chicken & Dumplings (homemade!), Lasagna, Meatloaf, Chicken with Rice & Veggies
Snacks & Desserts:
Muffins, Banana Bread, Apple Crisp, Brownies, Monkey Bread, Pudding/Jello

The next two weeks I am going to be cooking from our pantry and freezer. The only thing I will be going to the grocery for is milk and a loaf of bread. I don't anticipate needing to go soon~ I'll let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This morning was Andrew's first visit to the dentist! An exciting visit to say the least. Andrew wanted to bring many toys, and wanted to make sure that this did not include any shots. I assured him that there were to be no shots, but that they would look in his mouth at his teeth, and clean them. He wanted to be sure that they wouldn't take any of his teeth, and decided that Buzz Lightyear would be a great toy to bring to defend him! :) How funny, I talked him down from the big Buzz, to the little Buzz that doesn't talk or shoot a red beam. Yes, instead it karate chops....haha didn't think that one through! Anyway, he got to the waiting room and wanted to visit the bathroom, which at our dentists has a wall of clocks. Andrew was really impressed!
First off I really loved the dental hygienist. She was amazing with Andrew, she explained everything, and let him feel things and talked about what they would feel like before she did it. She had him help even while she was cleaning his teeth. If you look at the picture you will see that he is holding the suction wand. When she would clean a few teeth and rinse them, he would put the wand in his mouth and it would suck out all the spit and water. He thought it was fun! Oh, a boy in his glory with all the "tools" and buttons to push! She even taught him how to make the chair go up and down.
Of course all the girls thought he was cute, he did sit very still, and even was still through the flossing. If only he would sit this still all the time when I tried to floss his teeth! Overall he did GREAT! He was an excellent patient, no cavities, brushes his teeth well, and puts on the charm for everyone! Andrew now has been looking at all our teeth, telling us how to brush and to come and see our Dentist Andrew....maybe a seed has been planted~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Craig's List

So like I said in an earlier post, I am getting addicted to Craig's List. I have listed 12 things, and 7 sold almost immediately! And the first things to go weren't little: a portable dishwasher, a tv/computer cabinet that has been sitting in our basement for 2 years, two toddler beds with mattresses, a wing back chair, a pottery barn rug with quilt, and a crib set! I have a few more things that I am planning on listing! I love that on Craig's List I can list for free, and I don't have to ship anything. Makes it so easy! Some things I am going to try this time is boxes of kids clothes. I am only going to put together one girl box and one boy box.....of course by size too! I also have a box of toys that I want to try to get rid of......we will see how it goes! I am excited to have things out of our house. The kids asked if they got rid of their baby toys what we would do with the money.....I told them that was their money and they could decide. Brooklynn thought for a min. and said maybe more toys, or maybe Disney. I told her Disney would be more than just a few baby toys! :) So, they are thinking about how to use that money, when/if we get it!

I love that both the kids are dreamers. They dream big!

"Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." (Pamela Starr)

Next year it will be amazing to take the kids to Disney. I am hoping that they will both be at an age where they will remember it too! Either way, I know they will have a ball....until then this year we will plan a few mini vacations! I know we will hit Great Wolf Lodge again, and of course Indiana!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay, so this was my first time at a butchers! I LOVED IT!!!! I was so excited at how much money I was saving. After Chip and I separated things last night I realized that I thought I got enough meat to last us 3 months, but I am sure we have at least four months of not needing to buy meat! Huge savings when it comes down to it. Okay so here is the run down I spent $84 divide that between (even) three months and that is $28 a month. And I need to mention, this meat is fresh, corn fed.....ORGANIC. Can you believe all that I got for that?!!! I was so excited. The place we went to is Bird's Farm Meats in Howard City. Bird Farm uses no antibiotics and no hormones! It was worth the drive, and I can't wait to go again. I am so excited to shop here and support local (well not to me) farmers! When I first entered the store, I was overcome with joy! It was fun, it was a thrill seeing people all gathered up by the meat case. I took my number, and waited, looked around and noticed people taking some things from a case, so I thought I would look....I was able to grab a 10 lb bag of chicken breasts, and 10 lb bag of ground beef. I also grabbed two five pound bags of chicken thighs! I then watched others as they were "pros" and watched the prices! It was amazing. They had some great deals last week. I was also told that the earlier you go the longer you wait, but you get first pick. So much fun, I also must mention...I was in there for over an hour. I waited in line to get to the meat case as long as I waited to go through the cash register. Everyone was friendly there, even the people shopping. There was a lady in front of me that held my cart in line while I went back and picked up an extra Bird's is a family run business, I got most of the story from one of the sisters that worked the cash register. One of the sisters behind the meat case was full of ideas on how to cook things, compliments for those shopping, and just sweet as can be! Try going to Meijer's or D&W, and their meat department isn't that friendly or full of useful knowledge~ not to mention, their meat has gone through how many hands to get to us.
At any rate, I have now found a great butcher! I will continue to go, and will have a list in hand. I think I could make a menu for three months....and that would/will help with knowing how much meat to come away with! This time was an adventure, and full of fun! I was elated when I left and even more tickled when Chip and I were vacuum sealing the meat! I can't wait to share how the meat tastes. (Oh and that block of cheddar cheese you see there....$3) :)

Menu Planning Monday!

I was able to shop for groceries and only spend $52. I did get to go to the butchers, and I will blog about that next! is the plan for this week~


Pancakes, Cereal

Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins

Breakfast cookies~ Recipe in comments!

Eggs and Toast



Pocket Sandwiches

Macaroni and Cheese


Tomato Soup

Grilled Cheese


M: Chili and Corn Bread

T: Chicken Pot Pie

W: Biscuits and Sausage and Gravy

TH: Chicken, Rice, Green Beans

F: Black bean, corn, and cheese quesadillas

S: Fettuccine Alfredo, cooked carrots and garlic bread

Sun: Roast, Potatoes, Carrots, Salad

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grocery Lists and Clean Sweep Attitude!

Tons to do today.....I need to make a list for the grocery. I am going to plan our meals for two weeks, and I am going to attempt to shop for the whole two weeks and get everything for $75. I'll re post and let you know how that goes....this afternoon I am going to make chili, Chip works late, and it is easy for him to heat up. The kids are more excited for the corn bread that I am planning on making too! The plan for this month, is to not go out to eat or convenience shop.

So remember that show on HGTV Clean Sweep?! I am in a clean sweep attitude! I have piles for GoodWill, and then a few things to list on craigslist! Seriously getting addicted to craigslist. So last night I listed a few things on craigslist, and can't wait to see what will go! I listed our portable dishwasher last night so it would un-clutter our closet (and really I can wash them by hand), and guess what :) I will know definitely this afternoon but, IT SOLD! I am hoping that everything I listed last night will go too! I have this feeling of getting things out that haven't been used in the last year or two, and trying to simplify things in our life! Once I get things cleaned out, the plan is to frame in a small room downstairs (only two walls need framed and drywalled) and it will be the kids playroom. We also need to fix the steps going, when selling your house it makes you a little crazy! It is amazing that 7 years in one place and two kids later the amount of things you obtain. I may be crazy, but I do love to organize and I do love to clean....hoping to stay motivated this weekend and next week! I am loving the ideas from flylady....and have my zones all mapped out! So tonight, my plan is to list on amazon or some of my nursing books, and some other books that I have read and reread different times but am happy to let go of! I love books, but when my bookshelf broke, and now having all my books in boxes, it makes me want to consolidate....oh and I know another thing, I am really excited about organizing I will be in the bathroom.....going to clean and organize that! I will take pictures of the progress! Gotta go, make the most of this time with Andrew and laundry!
Have a great morning!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday gets it's name from the practice of placing ashes on the foreheads of the faithful as a sign of repentance and turning away from sin. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent, the cross is an outward sign of our repentance for our sins.

May you be reminded of what God has brought you through and continue to turn away from sin~

I found this online:

Jesus called on God for help to bring him through difficulties in the dessert. Ash Wednesday is designed to remind believers that they, too, are vulnerable and need God's help. Believers wear ashes on their foreheads to remind themselves of their mortality as they journey into the Lenten season.

Long Overdue!

Wow~ Someone asked me if I was ever going to post on here again, and I am ashamed to say that it has been as long as it has :( Wow, so what has happened in a year? I went back to school (finished), Brooklynn is another year older and in Kindergarten, Andrew is another year older, and ready to be a big boy! We have a no diapers during the day in our house!! Only a pull up for Andrew (just in case at night) soon to be taken away, as he is dry 99% of the time! Chip only has a few more classes left for ordination, and I am looking for full time work (3rd shift)....

What are we planning? Hummm good one, we are listing our house! So long! We are going to list with Patti Pitcher, when she gets back in town there should be a sign in the yard. This is exciting and scary all wrapped in one! We bought this house when we first moved to Michigan. There have been a lot of firsts in our house, first house as a couple, first house to bring our two amazing children home to, and the house we have lived in for 7 years. Wow! A lot of memories, it will be hard leaving it, but I will be happy for more room, and happy for the kids to have space!
What else is new this year? I have started the Jillian 30 Day Shred....trying to shred some weight! I will be happy once I lose this weight!
Brooklynn is still doing gymnastics and dance! She is busy all the time, and is up and running on all cylinders at 5am.....Lord I know I will be praying one day that she wants to wake up early, but wow to have a little bit of her energy would be amazing!
Andrew is just as active as Brooklynn, he is ready to start school, and wants to be in sports. We may get him started in a sports clinic this summer!

Hopefully we will be able to hit Great Wolf Lodge again with the kids, they ask to go back all the time! And maybe Chip and I will be able to get away this year for a vacation just the two of us! The big vacation will be next year and that will be DISNEY with the kids! Hoping we can save a ton of money by then to make it AMAZING!

So the plan is to update more regularly now! I am going to start back on my menu planning, and I am sticking to a budget now, so you will find great eats for cheap! Can't wait to begin Menu Planning Monday's again!