Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This morning was Andrew's first visit to the dentist! An exciting visit to say the least. Andrew wanted to bring many toys, and wanted to make sure that this did not include any shots. I assured him that there were to be no shots, but that they would look in his mouth at his teeth, and clean them. He wanted to be sure that they wouldn't take any of his teeth, and decided that Buzz Lightyear would be a great toy to bring to defend him! :) How funny, I talked him down from the big Buzz, to the little Buzz that doesn't talk or shoot a red beam. Yes, instead it karate chops....haha didn't think that one through! Anyway, he got to the waiting room and wanted to visit the bathroom, which at our dentists has a wall of clocks. Andrew was really impressed!
First off I really loved the dental hygienist. She was amazing with Andrew, she explained everything, and let him feel things and talked about what they would feel like before she did it. She had him help even while she was cleaning his teeth. If you look at the picture you will see that he is holding the suction wand. When she would clean a few teeth and rinse them, he would put the wand in his mouth and it would suck out all the spit and water. He thought it was fun! Oh, a boy in his glory with all the "tools" and buttons to push! She even taught him how to make the chair go up and down.
Of course all the girls thought he was cute, he did sit very still, and even was still through the flossing. If only he would sit this still all the time when I tried to floss his teeth! Overall he did GREAT! He was an excellent patient, no cavities, brushes his teeth well, and puts on the charm for everyone! Andrew now has been looking at all our teeth, telling us how to brush and to come and see our Dentist Andrew....maybe a seed has been planted~

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