Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Craig's List

So like I said in an earlier post, I am getting addicted to Craig's List. I have listed 12 things, and 7 sold almost immediately! And the first things to go weren't little: a portable dishwasher, a tv/computer cabinet that has been sitting in our basement for 2 years, two toddler beds with mattresses, a wing back chair, a pottery barn rug with quilt, and a crib set! I have a few more things that I am planning on listing! I love that on Craig's List I can list for free, and I don't have to ship anything. Makes it so easy! Some things I am going to try this time is boxes of kids clothes. I am only going to put together one girl box and one boy box.....of course by size too! I also have a box of toys that I want to try to get rid of......we will see how it goes! I am excited to have things out of our house. The kids asked if they got rid of their baby toys what we would do with the money.....I told them that was their money and they could decide. Brooklynn thought for a min. and said maybe more toys, or maybe Disney. I told her Disney would be more than just a few baby toys! :) So, they are thinking about how to use that money, when/if we get it!

I love that both the kids are dreamers. They dream big!

"Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." (Pamela Starr)

Next year it will be amazing to take the kids to Disney. I am hoping that they will both be at an age where they will remember it too! Either way, I know they will have a ball....until then this year we will plan a few mini vacations! I know we will hit Great Wolf Lodge again, and of course Indiana!

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