Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long Overdue!

Wow~ Someone asked me if I was ever going to post on here again, and I am ashamed to say that it has been as long as it has :( Wow, so what has happened in a year? I went back to school (finished), Brooklynn is another year older and in Kindergarten, Andrew is another year older, and ready to be a big boy! We have a no diapers during the day in our house!! Only a pull up for Andrew (just in case at night) soon to be taken away, as he is dry 99% of the time! Chip only has a few more classes left for ordination, and I am looking for full time work (3rd shift)....

What are we planning? Hummm good one, we are listing our house! So long! We are going to list with Patti Pitcher, when she gets back in town there should be a sign in the yard. This is exciting and scary all wrapped in one! We bought this house when we first moved to Michigan. There have been a lot of firsts in our house, first house as a couple, first house to bring our two amazing children home to, and the house we have lived in for 7 years. Wow! A lot of memories, it will be hard leaving it, but I will be happy for more room, and happy for the kids to have space!
What else is new this year? I have started the Jillian 30 Day Shred....trying to shred some weight! I will be happy once I lose this weight!
Brooklynn is still doing gymnastics and dance! She is busy all the time, and is up and running on all cylinders at 5am.....Lord I know I will be praying one day that she wants to wake up early, but wow to have a little bit of her energy would be amazing!
Andrew is just as active as Brooklynn, he is ready to start school, and wants to be in sports. We may get him started in a sports clinic this summer!

Hopefully we will be able to hit Great Wolf Lodge again with the kids, they ask to go back all the time! And maybe Chip and I will be able to get away this year for a vacation just the two of us! The big vacation will be next year and that will be DISNEY with the kids! Hoping we can save a ton of money by then to make it AMAZING!

So the plan is to update more regularly now! I am going to start back on my menu planning, and I am sticking to a budget now, so you will find great eats for cheap! Can't wait to begin Menu Planning Monday's again!

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