Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a Weekend!

First off let me start by saying, unfortunately we did not have the yard has rained four days straight and we tried to do the whole tent thing, but it rained in from the side, so that threw that idea out the window. So the boxes were brought up, everything priced, and add placed.....and no sale. I had a guy come to my door, asking if I was going to set up or what.....umm did he just get out of his car and not notice the torrential rains? I politely said no I'm sorry and I said I would hopefully be doing it next weekend, only if the weather cooperated! He didn't think that was funny, but if he only knew how many times I have tried to do the yard sale then he would laugh. Because what else is there to do? :) So, if it rains next weekend I am never doing a sale again! (At least this year) I was able however, to have a couple people come over and look through clothes, and baby clothes, so I was able to get rid of some things! Not enough to notice though!

Here is our Menu for the week!
Anyway, this is going to be a busy week and since they had chicken buy one get one free, we are going to be having a lot of chicken based meals! Oh, and here is a picture of our Thai Chicken Curry; it turned out great!!! I decided to make basmati rice with it too. If you would like the recipe then let me know, I still don't know how to get the recipe links....maybe someone could help me with that!

Blueberry Bagels, Juice
Grilled Cheese
Crock pot Stew
Macaroni and Cheese
Homemade Chicken Enchiladas
Left overs
Baked Chicken, Potato Casserole, Broccoli-Cheese-Rice Casserole
Pancakes maybe sausage or bacon
Sandwiches, celery with PB
Pork Chops, green beans and rice
Eggs, Toast
I'm attempting to make homemade ckn. nuggets with corn and salad
Hamburgers, pasta salad, veggie
Eggs w/ Toast
Ckn. Pot Pie with homemade crusts
Left overs!

Have a great week, blessings!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yard Sale!

Let me start by saying this yard sale is about three weeks overdue....
Every time I was supposed to have it, something happened...and then last weekend it rained the majority of it, and NOW, this weekend it is supposed to rain too.....what am I going to do? I am tired of having this stuff in our house. I feel like I have gone through some things and decided to really of course I don't want it sitting her very much longer because I don't want to renig on my goal of letting go-that includes memories, the idea that maybe we will have another child and what will they wear (silly I know!). So what am I going to do? I am going to have the yard sale! My good friend, is letting me borrow her tent, and I am going to be proactive in setting that up and putting tables out under it! So I don't have to worry about those "occasional rain showers"! If you think about it, pray for nice weather, I'm not asking for a heatwave, although it would be nice, but just for the rain to subside for two days!!!!
So, what am I doing tonight? I am pricing every last thing, fingers crossed, hopefully! Since Chip is at work so late, after I put the kids to bed, I am going to pop in an old movie that I love to watch, Serendipity, and price away-until my fingers bleed!
So, what is in the sale? Kids clothes-all seasons boys and toys, a bassinet (Brooklynn slept in this for about 3 months!), boppy pillows, adult clothes, maternity clothes, shoes, crib, sheets, movies, books, kitchenware, rocking horse, stuffed animals, furniture, scrapbook and stampin' up things, etc!
I am also trying to convince my husband that it is about time that we get rid of my skis, because I haven't skied since Brooklynn was a baby, and umm, it's not like I really have the time or to mention the body to do it anymore, so the logical thing in my mind would be to sell it, right, right! His reasoning is that we will go more often when the kids are older, and why have to rent or buy more then....I get his point but how long do you actually store things before you learn to let go?! You would think I was asking him to get rid of his skis...and I'm not, because I know he LOVES to ski...we just haven't had the time to go in forever (or the money!)
I know that they, and by they meaning the professionals, say to purge things you have not used in three years, and to carefully consider the things that weren't used in the last two...was it at the back of your closet, or in a box, or are you not rolling out your dough anymore, things like that! If it is something you like then give it one more year, if it wasn't used that season, then toss it, sell it, or donate it!
So in an attempt to de-clutter my life and enjoy a clean house a little more, I CAN'T wait to have this yard sale, and I can't wait for it to be Saturday! :) It is funny how much work is going into getting this sale all ready...Chip doesn't enjoy all the stress...he says I worry too much about it. I just want a good turn out and great weather! I am going to advertise in the local paper about it, and I am also going to put it on Craig's List...
One thing that Chip warns me, or puts the disclaimer on, is everything that goes out stays out! I am really bad about that, I guess I have in the past just figured that I could always save it for another yard sale or for someone if they needed baby clothes or maternity clothes.....which has actually helped out a few people in a pinch lately! So I think, in all my craziness I will only pick out a few items that I didn't really want to sell on Saturday afternoon, and then take the rest to donation places around! I'll let you know how well that goes over, maybe I'll keep myself accountable by posting it!
So if you aren't doing anything and want to come for a while on Friday or Saturday....maybe you can find a deal! I am anxious to let go~ Brooklynn keeps asking me if we can make the sale a party...she wants to make cookies and lemonade, balloons, etc! I don't think I am up for the balloons, etc, although she did lemonade at the last sale and made a killing- she bought herself a toy! But cookies, that is work for me....oh well maybe we will make Peanut Butter Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies on Thursday night.....we will see how ambitious I am!

Well I better sign off...I have laundry calling my name, dinner for the kids, and a toddler bed to assemble before bed time~ If I get really over zealous tonight I will take a picture of my progress, and of course of Andrew's new bed... and we will see how many times he gets out of bed tonight! :) Have a great night!!! Blessings~

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Big Day For Brooklynn!

Today was Brooklynn's first day of pre-school. She had a wonderful day! We went to school just she and I and then the parents left for a meeting about the year, etc! She loved it, they started working on their centers, the Letter this week was A...
When I picked her up she said she had a blast and wanted to show me how she stamped the letters of her name. She told me they didn't have a "B" but it was okay because she knows that she has a letter B in her name! She is so funny! So it is imperative that when we get home we do lunch and then go for a nap, because she now has Ballet and Gymnastics on Monday's from we must be rested! She didn't argue about it either! Thank you Jesus, maybe I can stretch this napping business a while longer! :)
Oh and right after these pictures I sat right in a half of a bagel and cream pictures thank you so don't ask! I got cleaned off just in time to get out the door clean pants and clean couch!
Here are some pictures of Brooklynn getting ready for school:
Andrew wanted to get in some pictures with her too~

Mom I'm ready to go to school, and maybe I'll sing you a song about it too!

It was rainey so she got to wear her rain coat!

This backpack is from last year, but it's Dora, and it was okay to use again!

So Brooklynn also had her 2-in-1 class tonight. She does a half of an hour of ballet and then the second half hour is gymnastics! She loves it! She has a niche for this, and would be lost without it in her life! I am constantly reminded that she is all me daily! So here are a few pictures of Brooklynn from tonight... The first three are five of the six girls in her to Brooklynn in the pink is Jaylee, and then Becca!

This was the gymnastics start with Coach Melissa

Watch out Shawn Johnson here comes Brooklynn! Who knows :)

Brooklynn and Becca

It was a great day today, and you should have smelled my house~the smell of a clean house and a roast in the slow cooker! Tomorrow I need to focus on laundry and working in the basement! Hopefully I will be productive there too!

Brooklynn's New Look!

Okay so, I will start this post out about my great daughter! Brooklynn again had fun with Abigail, they both wanted to play beauty shop, and I would ask what they want and they would tell me. We did a couple of fun pin up do's and then they wanted it braided. I did Abigail's first and she just had a normal french braid, and then Brooklynn wanted to be different actually Abigail didn't want it to be the same and convinced Brooklynn that she should have "piggy-tail braids". So I did Brooklynn's hair, I am actually really proud of myself getting it so tight, and looking good~

Well the day went on and then we did some art, and I made shapes and had them cutting out the images. Abigail's dad came to pick them up and after they left, Brooklynn went to the bathroom...eveything is normal. I picked up the scrap paper and moved the table to clean, etc. Proudly Brooklynn emerges from the bathroom and before I can ask if she is ready for her nap...she proceeds to say see momma, I didn't cut myself.....I looked around first thinking she tried to shave her legs or something, and then I realize she touches her precious bangs....I didn't even know what to do, laugh, cry, or be stern. I decided to tell her she looks alright and it will grow back, but if she would let mommy cut her bangs from now on that would be best. Chip happened to come home for lunch about this time and he wanted me to cut them to make them even, as I protested because she would have about an inch and a half of least now I can part more hair to hide her actually looks like someone tried to put layers in her bangs that had no sence whatsoever! (This too shall pass!)

So here is a before picture of the girls:

And here is a picture of Brooklynn after the incident:

And the bathroom:

I hope you all have a great day, and remember everything you did as kids I am sure your children will do to you, maybe even at a younger age......I tried to cut my bangs once when I was in grade school. And might I add, I did cut straight across, the bad part was that I wet down my hair before I cut it, and we all know what happens when it dries (it gets shorter!). Brooklynn decided to be a stylist when she was 3 1/2...Oh my! I hope this is the only time she does this! At least it wasn't any more than it was!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Blueberry Bagels, OJ
Ham&Cheese, wheat thins
Pot Roast with red potatoes, carrots, celery, onion
Macaroni and Cheese
Thai Chicken Curry, with rice or homemade mashed pot. (not sure yet!)
Carrots w/ dip, yogurt w/ granola, cheese cubes
Homemade Pizza
Pancakes, Bacon
Sandwiches, celery with PB
Crock Pot Brown Sugar Chicken
Friday: (First day of the yard sale)
Eggs, Toast, Sausage
PB&J, wheat thins with cheese
Grilled Cheese with homemade Tomato Soup!! :)
Crock Pot Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole
Whatever the babysitter feeds the kids for lunch!!
Cooking in the fire pit!
Eggs w/ Toast
Lasagna w/ side salad and green beans
Left overs!

If you would like any recipes let me know, I am not sure how to have a highlighted click on it and it goes to my recipe buttons....if you understand what I mean! :) Have a great week!