Monday, September 8, 2008

A Big Day For Brooklynn!

Today was Brooklynn's first day of pre-school. She had a wonderful day! We went to school just she and I and then the parents left for a meeting about the year, etc! She loved it, they started working on their centers, the Letter this week was A...
When I picked her up she said she had a blast and wanted to show me how she stamped the letters of her name. She told me they didn't have a "B" but it was okay because she knows that she has a letter B in her name! She is so funny! So it is imperative that when we get home we do lunch and then go for a nap, because she now has Ballet and Gymnastics on Monday's from we must be rested! She didn't argue about it either! Thank you Jesus, maybe I can stretch this napping business a while longer! :)
Oh and right after these pictures I sat right in a half of a bagel and cream pictures thank you so don't ask! I got cleaned off just in time to get out the door clean pants and clean couch!
Here are some pictures of Brooklynn getting ready for school:
Andrew wanted to get in some pictures with her too~

Mom I'm ready to go to school, and maybe I'll sing you a song about it too!

It was rainey so she got to wear her rain coat!

This backpack is from last year, but it's Dora, and it was okay to use again!

So Brooklynn also had her 2-in-1 class tonight. She does a half of an hour of ballet and then the second half hour is gymnastics! She loves it! She has a niche for this, and would be lost without it in her life! I am constantly reminded that she is all me daily! So here are a few pictures of Brooklynn from tonight... The first three are five of the six girls in her to Brooklynn in the pink is Jaylee, and then Becca!

This was the gymnastics start with Coach Melissa

Watch out Shawn Johnson here comes Brooklynn! Who knows :)

Brooklynn and Becca

It was a great day today, and you should have smelled my house~the smell of a clean house and a roast in the slow cooker! Tomorrow I need to focus on laundry and working in the basement! Hopefully I will be productive there too!

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