Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a Weekend!

First off let me start by saying, unfortunately we did not have the yard has rained four days straight and we tried to do the whole tent thing, but it rained in from the side, so that threw that idea out the window. So the boxes were brought up, everything priced, and add placed.....and no sale. I had a guy come to my door, asking if I was going to set up or what.....umm did he just get out of his car and not notice the torrential rains? I politely said no I'm sorry and I said I would hopefully be doing it next weekend, only if the weather cooperated! He didn't think that was funny, but if he only knew how many times I have tried to do the yard sale then he would laugh. Because what else is there to do? :) So, if it rains next weekend I am never doing a sale again! (At least this year) I was able however, to have a couple people come over and look through clothes, and baby clothes, so I was able to get rid of some things! Not enough to notice though!

Here is our Menu for the week!
Anyway, this is going to be a busy week and since they had chicken buy one get one free, we are going to be having a lot of chicken based meals! Oh, and here is a picture of our Thai Chicken Curry; it turned out great!!! I decided to make basmati rice with it too. If you would like the recipe then let me know, I still don't know how to get the recipe links....maybe someone could help me with that!

Blueberry Bagels, Juice
Grilled Cheese
Crock pot Stew
Macaroni and Cheese
Homemade Chicken Enchiladas
Left overs
Baked Chicken, Potato Casserole, Broccoli-Cheese-Rice Casserole
Pancakes maybe sausage or bacon
Sandwiches, celery with PB
Pork Chops, green beans and rice
Eggs, Toast
I'm attempting to make homemade ckn. nuggets with corn and salad
Hamburgers, pasta salad, veggie
Eggs w/ Toast
Ckn. Pot Pie with homemade crusts
Left overs!

Have a great week, blessings!


Tim, Allyson, and Emahry said...

Your meal plan looks great.

For links to websites or other blog posts, just open the window where the recipe is located and copy the URL at the top ( Then, in your post highlight the name of the recipe and click on the little icon at the top of the new post box which looks like a world with a paperclip. A box will come up that says hyperlink. Simply paste the recipe URL (http://) in the box. Make sure the beginning of the URL has only one http://. If it has http:// just delete one of the http://
Click okay and the recipe should now be underlined which means it's linked. I hope this helps some and it's too confusing. If you need clarification, come visit me on my blog.


Brooke said...

i haven't made pot pie in forever. i need to buy some pie crusts and get this favorite back on the menu

Brandon & Jennifer said...

Hey guys!

Hope you're having a great start to your fall!