Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunday is Coming!!!

Well, today starts REST days until the half-marathon. I am giddy, excited, and a ball of nerves! I am also a little nervous that I am not running until Sunday and that's when it will count! Nevertheless, this isn't abnormal for  typical running/training schedules,
and I will listen to the professionals!

So I give you this image that I am going to be thinking about during my half-marathon!

In the next few days as I prep, I am mentally trying to not stress about any hills and focusing on getting my body in the best rested/relaxed shape it can be in. I have been to the chiropractor twice this week and will go again on Friday. After stepping funny and twisting my left ankle a little, I know my hips are better in line and hopefully everything feel better on Sunday!

God is amazing isn't He?! I get the opportunity to draw strength and rest in Him, my God is SO strong! I am sure it will be an emotional day, but I can tell you not only will I be happy to accomplish such a huge goal, but even more than that, I am excited to have the chance to be His hands and feet.

I have been really praying for a specific number of donations to come in to help Heartline Ministries in Haiti. I promise I will be off my soapbox in a few days! But, if you are still considering giving, there is the paypal link on the sidebar of my blog or I have an address you can mail a check to.

Heartline Ministries
PO Box 898
Sunnyside WA 98944
In the memo if you write either May 6th Fundraiser or Bos/Bakker Fundraiser.

Remember all donations are tax-deductible!
Thank you for blessing the women and babies of Haiti!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This past weeks running confessions~

I am very excited to share with you all that I have accomplished a huge run 14.5 miles. Yes you are reading that right,  FOURTEEN and a HALF miles!!! I finished just under three hours and that included running, walking, bathroom break, etc! I have been concentrated on adding miles and not focusing on time. But with that said again, for someone that isn't a runner, doesn't have typical runner's body, I am seriously proud of myself for accomplishing such a task that seemed impossible when looking at my training schedule! It has only been possible due to prayers and I have depended on God's strength alone! If you would have told me two months ago that I would run 14 1/2 miles and not die trying to do it, I would have laughed hysterically at you. Finishing this long run on Sunday built my confidence up so that I know that I can actually finish this half-marathon on May 6th.
I am finding too that I am actually enjoying my time out running, I enjoy running outside! Wow, didn't think I would EVER say I enjoyed running, and I don't have a temperature! Don't get me wrong, Satan has been working overtime. Sometimes I struggle trying to find time to get in runs d/t schedules, weather, etc. Especially right when I start there are times that I will hear the whispers of inadequacy and feeling pain, but I am determined to NOT turn around and let him win.

Can I share with you something even more excited than the fact that my knees are still intact after running for almost three hours?!!

WE have raised $2,870 for Heartline Ministries. THANK YOU!!!

Now what does that mean? I have mentioned before that Heartline needs $1,000 to ensure a clean and safe c-section birth in Haiti. These women deserve a clean and safe enviornment to have a baby!
There is still time to donate!! You can use the paypal button to the right, or I can give you the address to send a check! Can you imagine, we are almost to 3 safe births!!!!! You can spare $5 and skip your morning coffee!!! And it's tax deductible....thank you to all that have donated and thank you to all of you that are still planning on donating! I along with Heartline are greatful and humbled!!!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

This weeks Musings on Running!

Wow, can I just say I am amazed at how many miles have gone into the training for this half-marathon already!

This week I have managed to log some great accomplishments in my book!!!
Monday I ran/jogged 12.5 miles, yes you are reading that right TWELVE!

I took the kids to school, came home and then prayed while I ate my banana with peanut butter and then headed out. That took forever, but it is done! I ran more than I stopped to walk which was great! I was just under a 12 min pace which I am telling you I am not fast, but it's okay with me. Two months ago I would NEVER been able to run/jog for 2 hours and 20 min. let alone 20 min. Praise is due to God, because without Him and all the prayers being poured into this run, I couldn't do it! Being someone that isn't a runner, not to mention doesn't have the typical runners body, I have amazed myself and find myself being so thankful not just because I am one more run closer to the half-marathon, but that I didn't stroke out during the training! I have been focusing on adding miles vs. focusing on speed. I have to tell you working up the stamina and logging miles are more important to me than trying to shave off minutes on my min./mile.
On Tuesday I worked 12 hours but managed to get in two miles.
Then on Wednesday I went for a run with Laura, we did 5 miles. I have to tell you, it was interesting running with someone else. I have been rather intimidated thinking about running with other people, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. I did however want to talk while running, and when trying to talk about something I reverted to walking.....umm I needed to focus to get it done and obviously need to work on either running and talking or just listening to my music and going.
I have two more short runs this week, 4 miles, it sounds crazy that I think 4 miles is short...

One thing I have learned to love about running is the quiet time. Time to think, time to decompress all the things that are stressing you out at the moment, and time to plan out your day/week/next run. A few things that aren't so fun, especially when you get lost in thought, is tripping or getting hit by sticks! Another, I have seen two snakes, NOT FUN!! And last week when I was running I almost stepped on a snake, yes a garden snake but still, then tripped over a stick and rolled my right ankle. I am okay, but that would have been my "I hate running" day. Crossing off my 12 mile run was my I am giddy about running day. I haven't hit my I love running/"I need to run to live" day yet~ I am not sure I will feel led to log such long miles when I am finished training for this half-marathon, but who knows!

Next weeks runs will be 4 miles, 5 miles, 3 miles, 3 miles, and 14 miles YIKES!!
But on a more exciting note: 23 days until our Half-Marathon!

Please remember to bless Haiti, donate now through pay-pal or I can give you Heartline's address as well to mail a check! Another motivator, it's tax deductible!

Be Blessed this week!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Menu Planning and Haiti Update!

Huge Update: Praise Jesus, my heart is rejoicing!
To Date Total ($855 + this week $355)= $1210 raised!!!!
Do you know what that means?!
One woman in Haiti IS going to have a clean and safe delivery!!!
Not only that but she will get to learn about the love of Jesus and learn life skills!
This money is going to be put to great use for Heartline Ministries! Please keep donating and support Laura and I in prayer as we run our FIRST half-marathon in honor of HAITI!!!

I feel like this week is slipping through my fingers already, thus I need to make my plans now! I have my running schedule set, now I am getting my cleaning and meal schedule set!
This week and next are going to be some fend for yourself meals....spring break starts this Thursday, and I wasn't able to get a shift covered so the kids are going on vacation with my parents and then Chip and I are working! Yeah, praying for some extra money!!
Here are this weeks meals:
Last night I worked so the kids and Chip had pizza.
Tuesday: Hamburgers and Hot dogs on the grill
Wednesday: Dinner with mom and dad! Applebee's
Thursday: Chicken with veggies
Friday: I work 16 hours- I will have a lasagna dish for Chip to throw in the oven!
Saturday: I work 12 hours- Shredded Chicken in the crock pot for Chicken Tacos
Sunday: Pork steak, green beans, stuffing

Here is my mantra for my ten mile run this week:
Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today's Run

Okay today I was going to run 9 miles, I didn't quite plan it very well, I started out on the treadmill and ran 4 miles, then I left the gym and ran outside back to the house. It was beautiful outside and then I saw the kids at the park. Once we got back home I looked at my miles on iMapmyRun, it said 8.43.......ummm I was already sitting on our driveway and stretching out my legs, so going back on the road to finish another half mile, well my devotion was lost. But I am pleased to say I finished an 8.43 mile run! I was able sing during part of it, amazing! I wasn't out of breath, but my legs sure did let me know once I stopped that I walked like an 80 year old! Yikes, nothing a little stretching and a hot tub couldn't fix!

Okay so this weeks runs consist of:
Monday: Work
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 6 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: Work and 4 miles
Saturday: Work
Sunday: 10 miles
Thank you for all your prayers, please keep Laura in your prayers for her runs this week as well! It really is moving, when you step back to look at the bigger picture. You have two women, whom aren't runners and never could have imagined running, let alone running 13.1 miles all at once. And not only are we doing it, but we are doing it for a GREAT cause in Haiti! Please remember Heartline Ministries and donate!
Be Blessed this Week!!

Friday, March 23, 2012


I just wanted to update you all on how much has been raised for Heartline Ministries!

As of March 13, we have raised $855 for Heartline Ministries. THANK YOU!
Please follow the pay pal link and donate and support our running for Haiti!
Laura and I appreciate each of you that have shown your support!
Keep it up, we still have 43 days to raise support and bless the socks off Hearline Ministries!!!