Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today's Run

Okay today I was going to run 9 miles, I didn't quite plan it very well, I started out on the treadmill and ran 4 miles, then I left the gym and ran outside back to the house. It was beautiful outside and then I saw the kids at the park. Once we got back home I looked at my miles on iMapmyRun, it said 8.43.......ummm I was already sitting on our driveway and stretching out my legs, so going back on the road to finish another half mile, well my devotion was lost. But I am pleased to say I finished an 8.43 mile run! I was able sing during part of it, amazing! I wasn't out of breath, but my legs sure did let me know once I stopped that I walked like an 80 year old! Yikes, nothing a little stretching and a hot tub couldn't fix!

Okay so this weeks runs consist of:
Monday: Work
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 6 miles
Thursday: 4 miles
Friday: Work and 4 miles
Saturday: Work
Sunday: 10 miles
Thank you for all your prayers, please keep Laura in your prayers for her runs this week as well! It really is moving, when you step back to look at the bigger picture. You have two women, whom aren't runners and never could have imagined running, let alone running 13.1 miles all at once. And not only are we doing it, but we are doing it for a GREAT cause in Haiti! Please remember Heartline Ministries and donate!
Be Blessed this Week!!

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