Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This weeks Running~

I thought I would update quickly as I have been limiting time on the computer as one of my things during lent. I have completely given up Facebook during lent and changed two other points in my life to add more concentration on the real reason for lent!
According to a few emails I received, posting my schedule is and should be of utmost importance. So the small amount of time I have allotted daily to emails, etc I will post! Sorry for any frustrations as of late!

I had pneumonia for two weeks and needed to be on two rounds of antibiotics, steroids, inhalers, etc. So running didn't happen during that time. Believe me I tried, but I couldn't breathe.
So this week I am jumping back into my running schedule, my body knows what to do, but is a little reluctant to jump back into the swing of things. Today I RAN 4 miles, yes that doesn't sound inspiring to my running buddies, but listen I couldn't breathe and I had trouble doing 3 the other day so 4 today was perfect!

Today-4 miles
Friday-4 miles
Saturday-9 miles
Sunday-4 miles
Please be praying for my Saturday run, I am not going to go easy this week, two weeks off was long enough and I don't have very much time before the run, more importantly I am excited to run for Haiti and look forward to raising money for their ministry there!!!
My friend Laura that is running with me, really is rocking it, but could use all your prayers as well! You can check out her blog to the right or here is her link!

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