Monday, September 8, 2008

Brooklynn's New Look!

Okay so, I will start this post out about my great daughter! Brooklynn again had fun with Abigail, they both wanted to play beauty shop, and I would ask what they want and they would tell me. We did a couple of fun pin up do's and then they wanted it braided. I did Abigail's first and she just had a normal french braid, and then Brooklynn wanted to be different actually Abigail didn't want it to be the same and convinced Brooklynn that she should have "piggy-tail braids". So I did Brooklynn's hair, I am actually really proud of myself getting it so tight, and looking good~

Well the day went on and then we did some art, and I made shapes and had them cutting out the images. Abigail's dad came to pick them up and after they left, Brooklynn went to the bathroom...eveything is normal. I picked up the scrap paper and moved the table to clean, etc. Proudly Brooklynn emerges from the bathroom and before I can ask if she is ready for her nap...she proceeds to say see momma, I didn't cut myself.....I looked around first thinking she tried to shave her legs or something, and then I realize she touches her precious bangs....I didn't even know what to do, laugh, cry, or be stern. I decided to tell her she looks alright and it will grow back, but if she would let mommy cut her bangs from now on that would be best. Chip happened to come home for lunch about this time and he wanted me to cut them to make them even, as I protested because she would have about an inch and a half of least now I can part more hair to hide her actually looks like someone tried to put layers in her bangs that had no sence whatsoever! (This too shall pass!)

So here is a before picture of the girls:

And here is a picture of Brooklynn after the incident:

And the bathroom:

I hope you all have a great day, and remember everything you did as kids I am sure your children will do to you, maybe even at a younger age......I tried to cut my bangs once when I was in grade school. And might I add, I did cut straight across, the bad part was that I wet down my hair before I cut it, and we all know what happens when it dries (it gets shorter!). Brooklynn decided to be a stylist when she was 3 1/2...Oh my! I hope this is the only time she does this! At least it wasn't any more than it was!

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