Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grocery Lists and Clean Sweep Attitude!

Tons to do today.....I need to make a list for the grocery. I am going to plan our meals for two weeks, and I am going to attempt to shop for the whole two weeks and get everything for $75. I'll re post and let you know how that goes....this afternoon I am going to make chili, Chip works late, and it is easy for him to heat up. The kids are more excited for the corn bread that I am planning on making too! The plan for this month, is to not go out to eat or convenience shop.

So remember that show on HGTV Clean Sweep?! I am in a clean sweep attitude! I have piles for GoodWill, and then a few things to list on craigslist! Seriously getting addicted to craigslist. So last night I listed a few things on craigslist, and can't wait to see what will go! I listed our portable dishwasher last night so it would un-clutter our closet (and really I can wash them by hand), and guess what :) I will know definitely this afternoon but, IT SOLD! I am hoping that everything I listed last night will go too! I have this feeling of getting things out that haven't been used in the last year or two, and trying to simplify things in our life! Once I get things cleaned out, the plan is to frame in a small room downstairs (only two walls need framed and drywalled) and it will be the kids playroom. We also need to fix the steps going, when selling your house it makes you a little crazy! It is amazing that 7 years in one place and two kids later the amount of things you obtain. I may be crazy, but I do love to organize and I do love to clean....hoping to stay motivated this weekend and next week! I am loving the ideas from flylady....and have my zones all mapped out! So tonight, my plan is to list on amazon or some of my nursing books, and some other books that I have read and reread different times but am happy to let go of! I love books, but when my bookshelf broke, and now having all my books in boxes, it makes me want to consolidate....oh and I know another thing, I am really excited about organizing I will be in the bathroom.....going to clean and organize that! I will take pictures of the progress! Gotta go, make the most of this time with Andrew and laundry!
Have a great morning!

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