Monday, February 22, 2010


Okay, so this was my first time at a butchers! I LOVED IT!!!! I was so excited at how much money I was saving. After Chip and I separated things last night I realized that I thought I got enough meat to last us 3 months, but I am sure we have at least four months of not needing to buy meat! Huge savings when it comes down to it. Okay so here is the run down I spent $84 divide that between (even) three months and that is $28 a month. And I need to mention, this meat is fresh, corn fed.....ORGANIC. Can you believe all that I got for that?!!! I was so excited. The place we went to is Bird's Farm Meats in Howard City. Bird Farm uses no antibiotics and no hormones! It was worth the drive, and I can't wait to go again. I am so excited to shop here and support local (well not to me) farmers! When I first entered the store, I was overcome with joy! It was fun, it was a thrill seeing people all gathered up by the meat case. I took my number, and waited, looked around and noticed people taking some things from a case, so I thought I would look....I was able to grab a 10 lb bag of chicken breasts, and 10 lb bag of ground beef. I also grabbed two five pound bags of chicken thighs! I then watched others as they were "pros" and watched the prices! It was amazing. They had some great deals last week. I was also told that the earlier you go the longer you wait, but you get first pick. So much fun, I also must mention...I was in there for over an hour. I waited in line to get to the meat case as long as I waited to go through the cash register. Everyone was friendly there, even the people shopping. There was a lady in front of me that held my cart in line while I went back and picked up an extra Bird's is a family run business, I got most of the story from one of the sisters that worked the cash register. One of the sisters behind the meat case was full of ideas on how to cook things, compliments for those shopping, and just sweet as can be! Try going to Meijer's or D&W, and their meat department isn't that friendly or full of useful knowledge~ not to mention, their meat has gone through how many hands to get to us.
At any rate, I have now found a great butcher! I will continue to go, and will have a list in hand. I think I could make a menu for three months....and that would/will help with knowing how much meat to come away with! This time was an adventure, and full of fun! I was elated when I left and even more tickled when Chip and I were vacuum sealing the meat! I can't wait to share how the meat tastes. (Oh and that block of cheddar cheese you see there....$3) :)


jsprik said...

oh my goodness!! i live like 20 minutes from birds!! i shop there myself!!! small world!! great deals!!

Lisa said...

You are so lucky that you live 20 min. away! I loved it there! Maybe we will run into eachother sometime!

Kristen said...

I can't believe you got all that meat for only $84 dollars! I soo want to visit there when we are in Michigan! You are the best shopper ever!