Thursday, March 18, 2010

Creations By Angi~ Giveaway!

I have been buying bows for Brooklynn since she was little, you can understand my excitement when I came across Angi, she has amazing talent and wonderful product! Angi not only makes bows but does amazing things with bottle caps, has totes, tutus, and flip flops to name a few! The wonderful thing about Angi to me, she isn't out to break your bank and her product is awesome!

What an exciting opportunity I have to announce a giveaway! I am pleased to introduce to you Angi~

(Michael and Angi, along with children Hannah, Connor, and Brayden)
Lisa: Angi, how long have you been making bows?
Angi: With the birth of my sister's 6th child Lillian Elizabeth she was going to be the princess of our family. My sister has 6 children and I have three, the youngest now a baby girl! Misty, my sister wanted Lily to have all of the adorable hair flair that you see in today's fashion. I have always been crafty and decided instead of spending a fortune on hair bows I would make them for her. I bought some ribbon and got started. After playing around with ribbon I became obsessed! Bows~N~Bottlecaps was found in May of 2009.

I began by selling to friends and family and eventually made a Facebook page and my website is still under construction. I attend local craft shows and festivals around central Indiana all throughout the year. I have simply been overwhelmed with the response to my items. My stock started with only 5 bows styles and now averages over 86 items.
I have recently been blessed to be given the opportunity to make the bows for the Denver Bronco Junior Cheerleaders. Kim Wilt with Two Crafty Chicks has been an awesome business partner and recruited the work for the Denver Broncos for both her and I. I am proud to say the Bows~N~Bottlecaps has become a huge success within less than a year!

Lisa: What sparks your ideas?
Angi: When I am in my bow studio working away ideas just seem to pop in my head. Many times I will have an idea in my head and can not figure out how to make it a reality. These are the nights that I will lay in bed and all of the sudden a light bulb goes off and the next day turned into an amazing new product! My children and new fashions also add to the latest and greatest ideas. I also have to give kudos to my network of fellow loopies who encourage and advise continually.

Lisa: What's the best thing you've made, the biggest, your favorite?
Angi: I don't know if I can pick just one item to be my favorite. I truly enjoy making tutus, flip flops, and all style hair bows. My most unique items are still in the works, one has already been announced. My ABC Flattened Bottlecap Magnets are so fun for little fingers!

Thank you Angi for your time and for your items to host this give away!
Now onto the great giveaway!

Angi has given me one bottlecaps necklace themed for a boy and one boutique bow!

Both of these are amazing! Good luck to those that enter~

To enter leave a comment, mention one of your favorite item she has on her site. (1 entry)
Become a fan of Angi's on Facebook. (1 entry)
Follow my blog. (2 entries)
(Leave separate comments for each entry!)

Please be sure to mention which item you would like to enter for.

The winners will be announced March 29th~ I will email the winners to get your addresses and send out the items!


Julie said...

Tooth Fairy Pillows, I am a fan, I also follow your blog..

(did i do this right?)

Lisa said...

I will put you down as four entries, but if you comment for each entry that would be wonderful! Julie, which would you like to be entered for?!

Kristen said...

I LOVE Angi's bags! The diaper bags and purses are sooo cute!

Kristen said...

I have been a fan on facebook of Creation's by Angi for awhile. She has awesome stuff! I bought a bow from Levi Coffin days and we love it!

Kristen said...

Lisa I follow your blog, because you're awesome!!

Kristen said...

Again I follow your blog because you are amazing and I love the girls hairbow!

Julie said...

the girls hair bow

Karen said...

I follow you and I would like the boys themed bottle cap necklace, is it the scooby or can we pick from what she has on her site?

Sarah said...

I like the Micky Clippie.


Hey, You can come visit me and sign up for giveaways too at:

Alena said...

I also love the tooth fairy pillows. My daughter would love one.

Julie said...

I think the purple and lavender korky is darling.

Julie said...

I would like the girl's hairbow :)

Julie said...

FB fan of Angi-Julie A Scott Laws

Julie said...

# 1 follow blog

Julie said...

# 2 follow your blog :)

Michelle said...

My favorite is the embellished flip flops with the lack and White Polka Dots, Hot Pink and Black Skulls and Millenium Silver! I would love the hairbow for my daughter, Avery. It even has the correct initial! Thanks for the chance to win. mrsmchappell at gmail dot com