Friday, March 12, 2010

Product Review!

To my excitement, this morning I got an email from Ashley with CSN letting me know about an opportunity to do a product review! If I would have been sitting on a bar stool I would have fallen over! :) With the help of Ashley I have picked out the item that I am going to review! Rachael Ray's Bubble and Brown, I have been wanting to purchase these for a while now! I love Rachael Ray, and can't wait to try out a recipe in this new item! Stay tuned for that post, because you too could win your own set of these!
So, go check out CSN. They have amazing things to offer and great deals! Have fun looking!
And a special thanks to CSN for allowing me to host this review and giveaway!



Kristen said...

I have watched Rachel Ray cook with this dish and it's so cute! I have always wanted one! It would be great for casseroles!

Karen said...

I love Rachel Ray too, can't wait for your review are you going to use one of her recipes too?

Lisa said...

I know isn't Rachael Ray amazing! I will be looking through recipes tonight to see what I will make for my menu next week with them! I plan on trying out a few new things!!! Let me know if there is something that you would like to see done in them Karen~

Kristen said...

I looked on Rachael Ray's website for recipe's. You can really make anything in this bubble and brown. The recipe I've been wanting to try is the cheesy hashbrown chili.