Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy Life?!

When life gets busy, how do you slow down? I love to go for walks with the family, take a nice hot shower. In the summer I remember as a child helping out in the garden, and loving that time of unwinding/relaxation. Believe me that sounds weird, but I remember being out there with my dad and getting vegetables, and snapping beans/peas with my mom watching Golden Girls. I treasure those memories, I wish I could have "that" garden with my kids. You know my parents house is comfortable and quiet, it is a place where people gather and want to linger. I think we all want a place like that~ one that is a quiet haven from a busy world. My home, I feel, isn't "like" my parents. I strive for my house to be a home of worship and of rest and comfort, just like the example that I grew up with. My parents made it appear so easy, and now as a grown adult, I sometimes feel incapable. I know what I need to do, I know that I need to focus on certain areas to make it glimmer. But I allow the business and everyday life enter into our life and home. Sometimes wandering if the concept of rest and peace is but a figment of my imagination. :) When I start to doubt myself and how I am leading my children I have to look for encouragement from the scriptures. Because I have a tendency to worry and doubt and become overwhelmed by life, HE can comfort me. As I yearn for my life to be like my parents' example before me I am seeking God, knowing that HE hears my cries and comforts me! Especially when I am feeling too busy and when it feels like it is too much to handle, HE can help me to see what is important to HIM in my days. If I seek HIM to guide me in my organizing my time and my home, HE will lead and inspire me! One day my home will be that haven that I grew up in!
May we linger in prayer, listening for HIS voice~
How is God leading you? How has he inspired you lately?
Blessings to you!

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Kris10 said...

What a wonderful post! I feel that way all too often about my parenting! Between work and housework I feel like I put the kids on the backburner way too often! My Grandpa taught a sermon once about worrying is a sin because we are saying we don't trust God. You are a wonderful mother and I know your kids love you and all you provide for them!