Monday, March 8, 2010

Key Lime Cove

We left for Key Lime Cove on Sunday after church.....long drive, but great for the kids when we got here. They were able to get right into the water. This place is huge! They have a lot of things for the kids, the downside was this morning the water park didn't open until 10am, which is 11 our time. Not to mention the kids woke up early as usual, so keeping them quiet and entertained was "fun"~ I brought things for our meals, the evening before we left I made some dinners that could be easily warmed up in the microwave. This morning it was bagels and yogurt! Chip laughed while carrying in our cooler~"how long are we here?"!! (Note: we didn't eat out the whole three days!) I am glad I saw other people doing the same thing. Hey you have to save somewhere right! The kids love it, and it provides extra money to do other things~ They are used to eating at home anyway so it really isn't that much different, and they love their little kitchen table in the room, it is novelty that you can move the flat screen towards the table so they can watch cartoons and eat or color!

Brooklynn is the typical adventure/thrill seeker! The second morning I walked up these stairs 16 times back to back, and then suggested that we/I needed a break! Okay I must mention that for three of the slides you have to carry up your own tube, only two can you go down without a tube! But still those steps were exhausting! Brooklynn loved that there was an area that she could navigate herself and go through the maze to do some more slides herself! She also has a radiant personality where she makes friends easily!
Andrew is not as much as a dare devil with heights as Brooklynn is. He is laid back, and loves to play! Andrew does love slides, but is cautious at first! Although he did go down a "huge" slide alone! I was very proud of how brave he was, it was a slide that they wouldn't let two people go down together...he loved it, but we didn't do it again! :) In the kiddie area he was able to do the slides himself, but loved that mom would sit at the end of the slide waiting and cheering him on! Andrew also loved the lazy river!

They both had a blast! I love that we can see PURE JOY in our kids! They love the water, they enjoy life, and I am reminded daily to let them live life fully and to try not to hold them back!
I do have to mention that Key Lime Cove has a larger kids area, they have the locked infant/kiddie area, and a great area for Brooklynn's thrill seeking heart! We were able to enjoy some gaming time the day we left, we saved it until the end, and this is what the kids won!


jsprik said...

where do you live?? this looks a lot like the Great Wolf Lodge we just went to the middle of Feb. is it the same chain, do you know?? Looks like you guys had a great time!! We did too!! :)

Lisa said...

We live in Spring Lake, we have been to the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City.....and we loved it! This time we went to Chicago, it is a larger park, there are things that I love about GWL-they "homeyness" and the story time, etc. Key Lime Cove is more commercial, but still fun for the kids! They are the same concept, slides that go outside the building, etc....I got a much better deal going to KLC this time than GWL. Oh and a tip for you about GWL......they slip a paper under your door for you to stay one more night, and most generally it is about half off!!! Hope you had a blast!

Kristen said...

It looks like you had a great time!