Friday, April 2, 2010

Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk~

I am sure when you see this post, most everyone knows or will have some connection with a loved one with cancer. Cancer is such an awful disease, and one day I know we will have a breakthrough on preventing and treatments! Susan G Komen hosts a 3 Day (60 miles) Walk. I have a blogging friend, Julie, who is going to attend this event for the first time this year! I am so proud of her for taking on this challenge! Julie is walking for her mom, aunt, and grandma. This is a very personal walk for her and I know she is more than determined to raise money for the walk. Julie has been given items to auction off on her blog to support her in this journey. Walkers will generally raise $3,000, some set higher goals as a team! Please if you have a moment head over to Julie's blog and take a look at the items she has up right now. It is really easy to bid, I have my eye on a really CUTE purse!

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~Blessings and Prayers~

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