Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brooklynn's Adventure~

So, Brooklynn has been begging for some skates. We decided to get her first pair of skates yesterday! Although today was really windy, we ventured out this morning and tried them out! She did good, especially since she has never been on skates prior to this! Brooklynn is such a thrill seeker, and loves adventures. Brooklynn loves to succeed at everything she does (unfortunately I think that is seeded from me), so even though she wouldn't tell anyone I could sense she was getting a little frustrated that she didn't master it the first time. I took this moment to let her know just HOW PROUD I was of her! She only fell a few times, but wouldn't allow me to take her skates off. With the wind it was a little tough not being shaky. Here are a couple pictures, I have to admit, I LOVED that Andrew was trying to hold Brooklynn's hand and help her to the steps. It is such an honor to be their parents, I am blessed to be their mom!

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