Tuesday, April 20, 2010

$20 Company Store Gift Code!

I have to tell you about something that is amazing! I found this code today and when you enter it you get $20 off your order, no set amount you have to spend either to get this off, well at least $20! :)

Here it is, head on over to the Company Store

Enter coupon code: SLUMBER and enjoy a free $20~

I have already done this twice, I used it for two shirts and two shorts for Brooklynn only paying shipping $5.95 and then again for a dress that was on sale with free shipping for $9! So for $14.95 total out of pocket I have five items for Brooklynn, the clothes at regular price would normally ring up at $97 without tax and shipping....what a steal! It's like paying $2.99 an item! Check out their sale of the day to get in on these deals!

These are the pictures of one of the shirts and shorts!

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Beth said...

It says at checkout that this code is no longer good.

Lisa said...

Sorry Beth, evidently it was only available yesterday, and I was only able to get my sons outfits...my daughters shirt and shorts you see there I am not getting because they were a sale of the day item and didn't apply....bummer. I will keep you updated when I get another code.