Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just a twitch of the nose!

Oh the thought of the simplicity of twitching my nose and everything falling into place, organized, and looking perfect! Can you imagine! I would be so relaxed, and know where everything is at and never stress!
So you remember the show Bewitched with Samantha?

Okay, so I am not wanting to be a witch, but I remember thinking when I was young that all I needed to do was figure out how to twitch my nose! :) Of course, I knew this wasn't real, and I still sometimes think it would be fun, but obviously nothing more than a fantasy!

So how do I do it? It seems daunting some days....but I have to do it all myself, I am the one responsible, and I have to find strength! It's tough to muster sometimes, but I love cleaning, but (hate) well that is a strong word, I get frustrated that it never stops! I know that praying helps with my frustrations, and I KNOW that it is okay to just stop for a while and enjoy my kids! Breaks are needed and they love to be outside and walk/ride their bikes!

I have my basement lined with boxes of things to giveaway, sell, and then I am going to attempt a yard sale this year....despite my husbands wishes! I am pricing things right now, tons of .25 items and tons of great deals! I will be shocked if I end up with more than one box to take to goodwill afterwards! I want to get rid of things, and the kids are excited that they are going to get to spend the money!
I also have laundry that is calling my name downstairs, and it is SCREAMING~ I wish someone would tell it to speak nicely lol, or tell my family that more than one outfit a day isn't really necessary!

I also wish I could muster up enough energy to get the spring cleaning done in one day! (UNREALISTIC) I also want my walls to look clean without fingerprints and the two little holes fixed....ahhh, see here I go getting overwhelmed!

So what am I doing right now, I am making two lists, and I will be pulling tasks from these list is going to be daily, and the other is long term tasks that I am planning out. I will only take one a day and that way if I am really busy I won't feel stressed that I didn't get more than one thing crossed off my list. And if I am really over zealous that day then I get even more motivated by crossing off more than one!!! This coming week I will have one big task a day to take care of, like clean off the top of the fridge, organizing under the sink, etc! If I am not too embarrassed I will take a picture of the progress! I have some great ideas and organizing tips! I'll share those too!

I am eager to find out what keeps you motivated and what tasks you are working on!

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AbiJeans said...

are you going to post ways to be more organized? I need all the help i can get! Some days i am not sure i am going to make it,