Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yard Sale~

So I am going to attempt to have a yard sale this weekend....Lord willing we will get rid of a lot of things! My hope is to completely clear out our basement, with exception of our winter clothes, and one box of my favorite baby things. Let me be the first to admit, I have clung to the kids clothes saying what if we have more kids or do you remember when they did this in this outfit. CRAZY! So, for some reason this week I have been in a purge mood....maybe it will help make a lot of money and get things out of our house. A lot of the items will be kid related, and our clothes that don't fit or something Chip hasn't worn in forever! I do have some/most of my scrapbooking things and Stampin' Up items that are going out too. I still love to scrapbook and need to do Andrew's book, but I need to get rid of a lot of my things too. We also have some huge things to purge too, the baby swing, a night stand, etc. So tomorrow will be pricing everything! This time, I will have everything starting out on the tables according to size and gender! I am really prepared for it! Hopefully the weather is as nice as they were forecasting for. Seeing as how last weekend was supposed to rain (60%) and it only drizzled in the evening but didn't rain all day like they thought. This weekend is supposed to be sunny and rain free, not even a little percentage. Watch, my luck being so ready it will turn out to be bad weather....
This week has gone by so quickly:
Tuesday I went to the beach with the kids, they had sunscreen on but unfortunately I didn't put any on....not really thinking I would have a problem....well by 5:30 I was hurting, and bright red. I would love to show a picture but I'll spare you! I had Chip put on aloe and it felt as if he was rubbing it on with a knife....and today I have blisters on my back. Needless to say I will never forget to have sunscreen on myself too.
Wednesday again I had the five kids, we played inside and built with the blocks. We even played with some domino's counting for the girls and colors for one of the boys. We ate yummy lunches and then headed out to swim since the sun was still out! We finished right before it got cloudy and started to hail and rain. It actually hasn't stopped since then...bummer~
Here are a couple pictures: not of all the kids but most together :
Benjamin, Brooklynn, & Abigail posing for a second!
Andrew hamming it up!

Brooklynn and Andrew taking a break!

This was the best teeter-totter I found for $2 at a yard sale!

Thursday will be spent pricing and cleaning house, and then we are probably going to get together with Christine and Becca for a playdate!
Friday will be the sale and then I have to clean at one of my houses I clean for...then home to rest and prep for Saturday.
Saturday will be the sale in the morning and then I have to clean another one of my houses in the afternoon.
Sunday I will be taking the kids to church and then leaving to go serve 50 people brunch...this day is giving me the most stress. Chip will be taking care of the kids until I get back. So if you can pray for the change between this will be the most stressful time with Chip getting ready for the 11:00 service and trying to keep the kids in one area. I am already packing a bag of snacks and juice, paci's, books, etc. Total time between service is about 30 min. I am sure it will be fine, Andrew just has a hard time going to the nursery without me taking him down. I will be sure to have my phone on vibrate! :)
On a happier note, I love being able to cater and serve people. I have not served 50 at one time by myself....last time I was able to bring someone in with me....I'll be sure to post about how it goes!
Have a great night~

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