Friday, June 27, 2008

First Time At North Beach!

We went to the beach with our friends Christine and her daughter Becca. Becca and Brooklynn go to pre-school together, and they were instant friends! It was great to get together and have a blast in the sun! The girls braved the cold water, but didn't want to leave even though it was after 5.
The beach is nice and smaller than the state park. This has a playground, a pavilion, a bath house, and a short walk to the water! I had just bought sand toys, and the kids enjoyed building. Andrew had a blast with the sand toys, he didn't mind standing at the edge of the water, but did not want the waves to hit him. It was so funny to see them and how they interacted at the beach
This I am sure will be the first of many beach picture posts~

Brooklynn and Andrew of course on their beloved swings!

Brooklynn showing me just how independent she is!

Brooklynn and Becca playing in the chilly water...
although they would never admit to it being chilly!

Andrew's Beach Feet!

Andrew has a new love of playing at the beach and making sand castles!

Snack Time!

Christine and Becca~

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