Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crazy Week!

Oh my goodness, you think coming home from "vacation" would be easy, we came home with clean laundry, etc. BUT, we have been non-stop since we got back. I miss the days of hanging out at home with my family. I miss being home with my family. I took for granted my surroundings, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed and valued every moment....but I wish for so much more time. When we get to the end of the week or visit, Chip always knows to say if we need to be gone at 12 he will say lets leave by 11, because even though we are packed and ready to go, it always takes me an hour to get out, hugs, kisses, water, final check around the house.....you get the drill. I don't like saying goodbye to my family. I love my parents house, if I could pick it up just the way it is and bring it here, I would have so much more comfort here in Michigan. Well, much more if my family came with the home too!~ Wow how much more of a fairy tale could I live in?!

So once again, Chip is back into the swing of things at the church, and I am back to the nitty gritty here at home. I am back watching kids and cleaning! My mom got me a new book that I am really loving reading! I have learned that I love having a shiny sink, and am more relaxed when I am fully dressed in the morning, instead of staying in pj's or relaxing clothes! I have got my zones down and have started blessing my house! Thank you fly lady! I really want to get better organized in our basement. I took two boxes of clothes to the consignment store....I had a really hard time finding out what they kept....(long story, but if they don't accept what you bring in they donate it to charity) which is great, but I would have loved to take it there. I think I would have had a better release if I had the opportunity to do it instead of them.... Chip says I would have just stuck it back in the car and brought it home. Maybe he is right, we have been blessed with the clothes that our kids have had. It just hurts to know the memories that were made in those outfits. Besides what am I going to do keep all of their clothes their whole life because of a memory. Well maybe a few outfits, but not all. RELEASE LISA!
Tomorrow is Friday, I will bring the pack and play downstairs and sort for two hours and do laundry! I guess writing it here makes it more official~

The kids and I have had a lot of fun playing outside. We got them a plastic pool! We are still looking for a swing set, they are going on sale now, so we will find one~ Brooklynn and Andrew both love to swing~ I would love to find one at a yard sale but that is next to impossible and at least a couple of the ones that I have found aren't that great.
I am finishing with the garden this week! I will post pictures soon, pray we have good veggies!

So we decided to put the house on the market again, for three weeks we will continue to list by owner-praying that is how we sell it....then we will list with a realtor. We are now on the search for another one, the guy we wanted to use isn't working full time as a realtor, which is what we need, someone who will be need to sell it as much as we are wanting to sell it! We would love to go with someone that isn't in our church if at all possible so that we don't hurt any ones feelings.... Pray right now that something happens soon! SELL SELL SELL!

Have a great night, it is already 1am now and I need to sleep before my over zealous day tomorrow!

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