Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today I have five kids running around my house! We are planning on having fun with playdough, coloring, I have a little craft to do, and maybe we will play outside before lunch! And maybe during nap time I can clean the bathroom and price some of our things for the yard sale! Who knows....
I always get a little over zealous with things I want to get done during my day, there just are not enough hours in the day! Lord, can we do anything about that? Not getting an answer, guess that is a NO! Last night I was making a list of things to do this week before our sale, Brooklynn came and sat at the table next to me with a crayon and some paper declaring that she too was making a list and that daddy would be very happy with her. I had to laugh, she is going to be just like her mommy making lists, but the funniest part of her statement was that she would not put too many things on her list so that she could get them all done and that is why daddy would be happy! I have to admit that I am notorious for putting everything I WANT to get done on my list, instead of what is actually practical and what can actually get done in the time allotted. I am getting better at it. Chip just tells me that if I write the top three things I want to get done then I won't have a feeling like I failed at the end of the day by not crossing everything off my list. Good ideas from the man I love!
I'll post pictures soon of the kids and of the garden!

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