Friday, July 4, 2008

First day of the Sale!

It went well today, sold a lot of things! Wish I could sell a lot more tomorrow. I have our kitchen island and changing table that are our bigger items that are left from today. Brooklynn did a great job with the lemonade today! It is amazing how much little kids can make from a lemonade table! I told her she could keep all the money and buy something special with it. I am actually really surprised how well we did today seeing as how I didn't put it in the paper. I hope tomorrow is just as successful! It is amazing to see just how much stuff you end up with once you have kids. I seriously have enough to have three more days of sales.
Funny thing: Brooklynn loved all of our "costumers" she wanted us to have more come and really didn't want to take a nap. Thank goodness there wasn't anyone outside when they went down.
Andrew wanted everyone to see Bailey, he kept saying "Baey Dog"
So since Chip is gone all day, I am going over to a friends for dinner tonight. I was going to bring Bailey with us but I think she will be fine for about 3 hours in her house.
So I have to go get the kids dressed, pack things up from outside, and shower. I will blog about tomorrow! Please pray we at least sell our big items! Otherwise Chip says they go to Good Will. He has a good point, there is a great feeling getting rid of things and blessing others with our things! I told someone a memory about one of Brooklynn's dresses....seriously funny, she didn't mind!

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