Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a GREAT week of VBS!

This is my wonderful group of 4th graders, well almost all of them! They were amazing, and 6 of them made commitments to follow Christ, and the rest of them had already made the commitment! AMAZING, even my three wanderers asked God to come into their heart, and be their "forever friend". He was ever so present this week, and even though when Friday rolled around and I was glad it was Friday, I loved the fact that we could be blessed by God, and feel how much HE loves us despite all that we do.
Brooklynn was amazing, she loved going to VBS, or should I really say Kid's Camp! She asked today if we were going to go back, I said next year! She kept telling everyone she knew about it and told people that is where she was going to learn MORE about Jesus! Oh my goodness, did that touch my heart. Here she is 3 1/2 yrs old and excited to tell everyone that she is going to learn more about God, not fearful of what anyone will say or question. She challenges me to be more on fire for God, and to have that "child-like" faith, never afraid or concerned what everyone else thinks! He has truly blessed me with great kids, I want to always remember times like these, where we can serve our God together, and learn more about Him. May He equip me to be able to teach my children all about our Wonderful Savior! I want nothing more than for my children to know, love and serve HIM.
Here are just a few highlights from the week!

The first picture is of Miss. Jill, we were raising money to help her purchase a new handicap accessible van. The kids raised over two thousand dollars! Amazing! One of my kids brought a $20 bill and was so excited to put it in the offering, how great is it that he would use it for this rather than a new toy or something else he desired!

The nest picture is of the kids on their last game night, of course it ended in a water balloon fight!
The next two pictures are of the kids enjoying praise and worship! I had a fun group!

And of course I had to add one in of Andrew and Brooklynn, this was from one of the nights when we stayed later, the kids were troopers the whole week!

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