Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amazing Parents!

One of my MOST favorite pictures of my mom and dad!

Okay so, this was taken a while ago, and of course is taken by me but that isn't why I love it so much. It isn't professional, and isn't staged; they are having a fun time, enjoying a cruise, and most of all I see joy exuding from their inner souls! This is my parents! They are happy people, God has richly blessed them! Story behind this picture: I know we were finished eating, I think we were getting ready to go to the show, or maybe just coming from it. I always have a great time with my mom and dad, I love when they are smiling, and love to make them laugh!

They are amazing people.

My mom is my best friend, and truly my confidant. I don't know how I would ever make it through anything without her. She is concerned about everyone else but herself. She works for the hospital treating cancer patients. She is great at what she does! Almost always when I go home we will see one of her patients, or family of a patient, and they always thank her and tell her how much she did for their family. She volunteers for the church, actually all of my life she has been a part of the church some way or another. She is an amazing, driven, independent, happy, smart, inspiring woman. She is an amazing mother, she always made sure we had what we needed, and wanted. She isn't finished mothering, she continues to look after us. She has done a great job, and would never give herself as much credit as she deserves, but she did the best job raising us. I only hope one day to be the woman, mother, wife, and friend that she is! I only hope that Brooklynn and I will have that close of a relationship one day. I love that my kids adore their Mimi, she is so good with them. I could go on and on about how wonderful she is, simply she is the best mom ever!
My dad is amazing as well! He as well as mom is busy looking after others, he works hard at comforting people every day. He is a gentle, consoling, smart, quiet, determined, happy man! Both my parents are prayer-saturated, but I will always remember my dad kneeling to pray every morning in his room, door slightly ajar. He has such a gentle way of bathing things in prayer, and I am more appreciative of it now. Being that my dad is a funeral director he is used to getting calls all hours of the night, which makes it easier if needed to call for prayer~ he never scuffs about it he will just pray! (Let me tell you, I have called in the wee hours more often than not!) Bu they are amazing parents that love their children!!! He is such a hard worker, he has made sure that he has provided for all of us, and he has also planted that determination in our souls. My kids also are Papaw kids, they always ask to talk with him on the phone, and care so much about him! Again, same as with my mom, I could go on and on about how wonderful he is~ he is amazing and the best dad ever!

So this picture probably will continue to be on my "most" favorite list. I know there are a lot to choose from! Chip laughs at me, because they are in an elevator on a cruise we were on together. He says it's just because I wish I were on the cruise again! :) I do wish I was on a cruise too~

I love you mom and dad!

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