Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a busy week!

Literally I feel like this last week was about two weeks rolled into one! :) This last week was Pretty Pretty Princess week for Brooklynn, a camp held at the Y. She had an absolute ball, and wants to go again. Monday they had stylists come in from Red's salon and do all 35 of the girls hair! It was rainy that day and of course Brooklynn's naturally curly hair was in ringlets, and stayed. They loved doing her hair and said it was the easiest of all to do! She may like it now, but let's see when she is 15! Tuesday they had a lady from an etiquette school come and teach the girls proper table etiquette! Wednesday they had a tea party and got to decorate their own tea cup, which is displayed in my china cabinet! Thursday they had mani/pedi's and Friday they did a fashion show! She loved, loved, loved every min of it! I was not only the transporter for the week, but I still watched kids, cleaned two houses, catered for 28 people, and cleared out a portion of our closet! I know that this week is going to be just as busy. I will have 5 kids on Monday and Wednesday, and Brooklynn has school M-W-F, Tuesday I will be in Grand Rapids doing a test for 3 hrs. and then rest and relax, and pray! I will have to be there at 8:45 the test starts at 9, pray if you think about it! I will be cleaning another house this week, and then hopefully finishing some yard work and some more organizing at our house! I have the label-er out and ready to go! Oh and Wednesday night we are going to have a babysitter, it will be probably the only night I will actually get to have a conversation with my husband, lol, but we are going to be going out with some friends who need some uplifting time! I suggested we go karaoke or country line else can you laugh more or have a great time just smiling! We all need just a little bit of time to escape from our lives and not care about anything, no stress, no frustrations, no sickness, nothing but laughing at each other, and enjoying finding the love of life and youthfulness again... and I can't remember what else I have to do right now. Chip has just as busy a week, he is an amazing man!
So maybe here is my wish list of accomplishments for Monday: getting our sheets washed and folded tomorrow, oh and maybe I could throw in another load after that too! I also want to finish my closet during nap time!! (maybe, if they sleep!) Monday night, I would like to reorganize my cold closet in my kitchen....did I mention I have the label-er in working order...I'm going to go crazy!!! I'm excited, I love to organize...I just hate the messiness of how life can get especially in a small house! Then I am going to put the kids to bed and read, and then hit the sack.
For the week, I plan on walking Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I will make out my menu for the week tomorrow, I am going to do pancakes in the morning with bacon, and sandwiches and soup for lunch, and then chicken on the grill with salad, and green beans for dinner. Easy day of food....I'll do the Monday's Menu post tomorrow! I plan on rolling dough on Tuesday to make fresh cinnamon rolls and freeze some too. I am really excited about the new recipe I will let you know how they turn out and post some pictures too!
Hope you had a great week, I can't wait to destress on Wednesday night...this is the first time we are going to do this but maybe it should be a more frequent event, or as frequent as we can afford a babysitter, lol! And singing and dancing are really free events....maybe as a Wesleyan PW I shouldn't talk about!
I had more I wanted to post, but I am tired and can't think anymore. I will post some pictures of Brooklynn at her Pretty Pretty Princess camp tomorrow night! Sleep well...

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