Friday, August 8, 2008

Chip's handy work!

Okay so we went to my parents house this past weekend! It was wonderful to be home and spend some stress free time with the family. They gave us a hedge trimmer and we also came home with a trash compactor! I was really excited about the hedge trimmer, our hedges have needed to be trimmed for a while, but we haven't had time or the trimmer! So when we got home Chip went right at it! I am so proud of him, and happy at how well it turned out.
We also had a tree that Chip took down, we have some friends that are going to take the wood! But for now here is our progress with that:

We will be taking down one more tree, so if you need any wood for camp fires or for heating your home this winter let us know so we can save some for you, otherwise it will go to the city pick up!

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Jannie Sue "Funster" said...

Quite a nice job! A man with a chainsaw came to my trees and made such a difference too.