Friday, August 8, 2008

Beach day Wednesday!

Today we went to the beach again, we met some friends there, and it was a great time. Not too hot and not too cold! I did feel the water and thought it was a lot cooler than before, but the kids kept on playing despite the cooler temperature! Brooklynn wanted me to put her hair all up, and pull back and pin her bangs....this is actually the first time she has asked for me to pin up her bangs, she looks so much older with her hair back...I think I'll make her keep the bangs at least for a few more years :) Andrew still doesn't like when the waves are coming in quickly so he loves to play in the sand. I did take him out to the water, he liked it at first and then he didn't like the fact the waves crashed into him before I could lift him out of the water. (Note to self: when washing off hands look up for the waves!) Brooklynn and her friend Becca had a blast, they have so much fun together, here are a few pictures of the kids before we left and while we were there! I don't think any of the kids are camera shy!

Thursday I did a Tastefully Simple party, they have such yummy food, and great ideas for new recipes. So funny during the party we talked about having insurance to cover the consultant, then as we are finishing up, one of my new glasses gets broken, and then as she is leaving she dropped one of her bags and broke one of the lights in our yard, and not just a little broken, the whole light was broke in half. She kept asking where I got them, all I said was don't worry about it, they are just things....Oh my funny, but overall it was a fun party! I enjoyed it, and can't wait to close the party to get our great stuff! Plus I can't wait to see the new catalog, it will come out in September. Oh if you want anything from the catalog before it ends, then you can add it to my order, just let me know!
Friday I get to spend the morning just lounging withe the kids and then I will clean in the afternoon....and then I am not sure what we will do for the evening maybe we will walk the boardwalk! Have a great day! Blessings~

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