Wednesday, April 13, 2011


April 2nd, 2011 First Full Day in Jeremie: I woke up today to many roosters crowing. One particularly has perched himself right outside of our window. The dogs were anxious about something as they were in a barking fit as well. I am now not worried about leaving my alarm clock at my parents house, one of the things I forgot to grab, as I have a good old reliable roosters! Please note some sarcasm! The roosters seem to wake us with their excitement, I talked back to ours, yes we're awake now, you can stop-yeah he just answered with another crow! No lizards in the bed or in our room, I was worried about that as well. They told us that we would most likely wake up to a couple in our room. Our room is open to the outside (the windows and then at the top of the ceiling there are openings covered with mesh screen to keep some bugs out.) The evening was full of the sounds of nature, I am not one that would first jump to go camping, however, this was a joy to wake up to. Thank you God for this opportunity. I was able to wake up to the sun rising, here is one of the pictures, it doesn't do it justice, but so thankful for the opportunity to thank God for all HE is going to do! Today was an amazing day. We walked from the lodge through Jeremie to Yvrose's orphanage. The walk helped open my eyes, my heart goes out to the people of Haiti. Again, the thought of how beautiful the country and people, but how can I make even a dent in what needs to be done? Once we arrived at the orphanage we were greeted with open arms. We brought some things to the orphanage for Yvrose and the kids. It is hard to get certain things in Haiti, and in my checked bag I had a 12 lb. "log" if cheese~ Provolone! Yvrose was so happy, she was praising Jesus for bringing us to her, another very humbling moment. I gave Yvrose some pepper and other cooking spices, she was amazed. Things we take for granted, she was SO blessed by. She explained how hard it is to get some things and if you buy the nicer spices/cheeses some people would think she was rich and would "debrick" her (steal/rob). After giving some things to Yvrose, we walked through the orphanage. All it took was one smile and I was attacked with hugs and kisses, kids on all sides of me. They immediately came to us and all they wanted was to be touched, to feel love, and to take their picture.The whole day was full of lots of hugs, kisses and fun games. A little girl, almost two years old, wanted me to hold her, she wouldn't let me put her down. I am sure she has an ear infection, antibiotics are not easy to come by here. She got some Tylenol to help with the pain and slight temp. Here is a picture, her name is Feteya. These kids are so full of joy and delight in getting something. Donna, a lady on our team was passing out Smarties, the kids wouldn't take another one once they had been given one. I witnessed some showing her they had already been given one. Let me tell you, my kids stateside, would have taken two I know without a doubt. Humbling, I can't even describe to you, then some of the others would lead Donna to the kids that didn't get any yet. These kids are servants, and are teaching me~ The kids get one small meal per day. Yes you are reading that right, ONE. They do not complain but are full of joy. They typically would eat rice and beans. The beans serve as their protein. Yvrose and the older girls prepared our meal inside the orphanage. We were served like kings and queens. VERY hard, especially when you know the kids out back aren't eating and don't ever get to eat what we did. The lunch was wonderful. They made us beautiful meat and cheese pies. The crust was great. They took such delight and care in making our meal for the day.

Some of the games we were able to play with them were duck-duck-goose, double dutch jump rope, and bubbles! They loved playing duck-duck-goose, although they never said goose! They would just hit you a little harder of the head and start running like mad. It was funny. They were the best at jump rope. Boy can they snap that rope down. I am going to try to upload a video of them jumping. It was amazing!!!

My Cup is Full:

My hands have been touched by tiny little hands but more importantly their joy and zest for life is embedded in my heart.

My how I hope I can make a dent in their lives, showing the love of Christ.

I have learned more about being a servant in one day than I have my 29 years of life. May I take it with me forever~ I am SO thankful for these kids and for the witness in Yvrose.

LORD, Help me to remember, may I NEVER forget!

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