Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 5th, 2011

(Little girl from Darlene's with baby doll and balloon!)

This morning we went to Darlene’s orphanage. Gene and Shelba, missionaries we are serving with told us that Darlene’s orphanage is what Yvrose’s looked like when they partnered with her 11 years ago. It’s one thing to be told that conditions are not good, but it is another to actually see it. When I walked through the gate of the orphanage I saw devastation. The physical conditions were terrible and the children were sick. You want to know the second thing I saw after scanning the grounds? I saw these precious kids, standing lined up, waiting to sing to us.
They sang in Creole and English "Let me see your face, let me see your eyes." "Thank you for coming and welcome to our home." (I promise to have Chip do the techsavy thing for me by uploading the video on the blog!)

They sang and conviction lay on my heart. I am eager to get home and go over our budget….there has to be something financially at least that I can do. (I tell you this because it continually was on my mind)

The physical conditions of this orphanage were unbelievable and there was truly no room inside or out for the kids to move freely. They don’t have the room to play soccer like at Yvrose’s. They had a tarp hanging from the building to the fence with folding tables where they could eat.

Their rooms, while Yvrose had bunk beds, they needed more. It was amazing to me, we were surrounded by kids again, their eyes piercing, but not very many had smiles. Some had wounds, for me as someone that doesn’t mind wounds, I felt at a loss because I didn’t have the proper supplies to clean and bandage them. While Katelyn held a little boy I tried at best to clean a wound and put a bandage over it. At best it would only last a day.Miriam, a PT, had a little one cling quickly to her. The little girl’s name was Cecilia. (Cecilia is on the far right front of the picture above.) They told us that she has contractures due to Typhoid. She was so precious; she wouldn’t keep any toys until she knew everyone had something. Miriam is going to look into making a splint out of one of our flip-flops to get her arm back to a neutral range. Some of the kids had bad coughs. Jen, another nurse found a little boy with a very high fever. Jen tried to explain to the caregivers that he needed to be hospitalized. At first they would not let him go because they didn't have the money and strangely were afraid to let him leave with us to go to HHF.
There was a lady working at the orphanage and she tried to say he just needs to eat, after better translation they decided they would let him go. They proceeded to wash him and dress him in nice clothes. They wouldn’t let him leave the orphanage before they made him more presentable. Two of the girls from our team went back to the lodge to grab more medical supplies and $10 for him to go to the hospital. It is so frustrating that there is no way to get the kids the things they need. Antibiotics are rare and not common practice, it kills me to see these kids only eating once a day.

After leaving Darlene’s we went back to Yvrose’s. I was not doing well, I am sure dehydration was hitting as well as something intestinal. I wanted to stay at the orphanage, but ended up going back to the lodge to rest. Prayed for healing.

The kids attended a VBS put on by Melissa’s church from San Diego.

Thank you Lord for today.

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