Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 3rd, 2011

Today we woke up and had breakfast: Fresh fruit: pineapple, papaya, banana, and bread. To drink: Fruit juice. We then went to church at The Airport Church. The Airport Church is located close to the Jeremie runway. We drove for a long while down very bumpy roads. There is no way to describe to you just how bumpy the roads are, even our worst pot holes would be a godsend here! Driving and walking for that matter are a fend for yourself mentality. CRAZY! When we got to the church we didn't find much, we saw the remains of an old concrete building with no roof and a banana tree growing in the middle. The rubble needs to be cleaned up, a men's group from FCWC is planning on going out this summer to put a roof on the building. Meanwhile they are worshiping in a temporary church. There were two benches and several logs to sit on. The support was made of small tree posts and the roof was scrap metal. Looking from the back you can see how it is leaning. When we arrived, church had already started, Thomas was leading them in a bible study (Sunday School). Once they noticed we were standing in the back, they all moved off of the benches so we could sit comfortably. It was so touching. Despite the conditions, they were WORSHIPPING! Thoughts came across me, they know what it is to truly worship, not letting surroundings hinder them, or fear of the unknown, or frustrations of those in the congregation. They had a JOY that was unspeakable. We stateside seem to find anything and everything to hinder our ability to get to this point of truly worshipping. We complain about the temperature, the volume of the sound, the type of music, the message we are receiving....seriously people, isn't it about one thing?! The Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit was there, and it was amazing to feel HIM. I have a challenge for myself and for all of you at home: Forget your surrounding, worship authentically~ Stop complaining and look for what HE wants you to learn and be focused on! Another thought that consumed me was, this is what Heaven will be like, only with no language barrier! We will all be worshipping in one accord. Even though we couldn't understand their language to sing along, we all clapped and danced together. I noticed some hymns, it was wonderful to be able to sit and worship together! There was a joyful noise made today. It was amazing to listen to Thomas, and then for Randy to preach. Randy gave a message on faith, using an illustration of a child jumping to someone they know and then to someone they didn't. We need child like faith!
After service was finished I felt my hair being touched, followed by lots giggling by a group of young girls. They love curly hair! I told them it was okay to touch it! This wasn't the first time that my hair was played with while being in Haiti! I wish we had more time to sit and be with the members of the church. Here we are trying to minister to those in Haiti, but yet I still feel like I am the only one being ministered to. Lord, please allow me to be your vessel!

(Pastor Thomas, Pastor Randy, and Yvrose-translating)

After church we went to the orphanage for lunch. We had a chicken leg, breadfruit souffle, and beans and rice. Yvrose has such a servants heart. She stated today that she wanted to feed us so that we weren't hungry and so we wouldn't get sick. I am not sure if Yvrose ate today, she keeps herself busy while we eat. I am guessing she doesn't eat. It is hard to eat when you think the others are hungry. For a moment I thought we were going to get to go out and love some more on the kids, but the heat and exhaustion was getting to some of the team members. After drinking some amazing coffee from Yvrose's farm we returned to the lodge for rest. I read and tried to rest for a bit, then we swam in the pool. They had turned the pump on and chlorinated the pool, it was nice, but again, my heart started to think about the kids. I could only think about how much they would enjoy and feel blessed to come and swim. It's amazing, after a short time, I feel for the kids like they were my own. I am thankful however for the laughs and conversation poolside. Lord thank you for continually blessing our time.

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