Friday, May 2, 2008


It's amazing how rainy days make you want to clean out a drawer, or sit and do crafts with the kids. I was able to clean out two drawers in the kitchen, and plan a craft! Because it is a rainy day we talked about what all the rain does for the ground and plants! Brooklynn emphatically said, "Well maybe it will make a lot of my yellow flowers grow in the yard! Because you let me pick all of them and I want to give more flowers to you mama!" So funny how a little weed can light up her life and think she is giving me the world. Only to think that I was so happy that she had picked all that had managed to sprout up!
So after we finished the craft I needed to take out the trash, and since it is raining I thought I would just run out quick and then run back in-not closing the door....the kids thought it was so much fun, Brooklynn grabbed her shoes (thank goodness) and ran out right behind me, maybe she didn't hear me say STAY INSIDE, oh well, it was fun to see her twirl in the rain and splash in the puddles. I let her put on her rain boots and they ran around on the deck! Every time they heard the thunder they would giggle, and say "Hi Jesus" at the top of their lungs! I am sure our neighbors who for some reason are home in the afternoon think we are silly. Especially hearing a one yr old laughing hysterically and then screaming with his sister HIIIII JESA, at least that is how Jesus is coming out now!

Hope you are enjoying the rain as much as we are today.....the rain now actually has stopped but they say we are to expect more!

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