Friday, May 2, 2008

Craig's List

Okay so I haven't had much experience with this site; but I am getting addicted! I have sold a couple of things and I know it isn't a lot but hey what I sold yesterday paid for our babysitter last night so we could go to dinner with the pastors on staff. It will also pay for her for tomorrow night!!! Money that was just sitting in our house. So tonight I have listed three more items, and an item for my parents! I am really hoping my parents listing sells because it will pay for a vacation for us. My mom said we could have the money go towards a cruise if it sells!!!! We grew up with a wonderful baby grand piano, for years I have always laid claim to it, stating to my brothers: "When I grow up I am going to have it in my house!" and now the statement goes "When I get a bigger house I am going to have it in my house!" Well, now my parents want to carpet the family room, and don't want to have to worry with piano movers, so it is time to say goodbye.

I remember taking piano lessons, and while I wasn't that great, I loved to play the piano. I especially remember playing with my mom, ooh and singing "The Old Rugged Cross". I remember learning Cannon in D on that piano, I also remember playing Stairway to Heaven, thinking it was a "good" song~ not really knowing the meaning behind the song....I am sure my parents were thinking why did we buy that sheet of music! :) I remember playing the piano with my friend Abby before she moved out of state.
I also remember my brother swinging me around the room by my heels and almost cracking my head on the piano! YIKES..... It was so much fun. We used to have the best of times when I was younger. He would lay on his back too and launch me across the room- again by the piano! We always would laugh too! Never any accidents-man if God was ever present in our house it was in there!!!!
I will always remember wanting to re-arrange our family room, thinking of new ways to design the furniture without having to move the piano. This if you know me isn't uncommon, I would change our furniture more often than not!
I will also remember at Christmas time, setting the porcelain Nativity Scene up.

Way too many memories that come with this fine musical instrument. All three of us took piano lessons, and my mom would even play the piano too. So do I have a connection to this piece, does it have history with the Smith family? Yes!! Does it have history besides with us? Yes, it is an original Starr! The company no longer exists, but it was made in Richmond, IN ~ so in a way I think it is my connection to a city that I was born in, a city I will most likely never live in anymore. It has original ivory keys~which is rare now, they use facade ivory look alike now....let me tell you~ I was at church the other day messing around on the piano, and thinking about mine at my parents house, and the keys are so much nicer with the original keys! I know I am biased, and I am really sentimental tonight, but I am sure if I never had the chance to play on these keys before I would never know what I was missing, but I had to mention it!

So all this in hopes to sell it! I am thinking that Craig's List is going to be a godsend to our family and to my parents as well!
If anything Dave Ramsey will be very proud of me and my finds in my house!

Have a great evening!

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Eric Smith said...

I did get you close to hitting your head more than one time. You loved it as much as I did. Good thing all those angels were around or we both would have been in trouble.