Monday, May 12, 2008


What a highly spirited little girl! This is just one statement to explain her. She has curly hair like her mommy, and looks like a mini-me. She has grown another three inches, what should I do put a brick on her head? She loves to soak up information, she has to know why and how things work. She is amazing! She is smart, sometimes too smart, and has a memory (my does that get me in trouble!). She is a dancer, she loves to take dance classes and gymnastics. She is a performer- a singer,actor, just a very talented girl in general. Whenever she is intently doing something, sometimes I notice that she will start to make a song out of what she is doing. You just never know whith her! Of course I am her mom and I am biased, I love her to pieces and I don't know what I would do without her. She loves to tease daddy and me about who her bestest friend in the whole world is. I get to hear it almost everyday! She is so cute! She loves everyone not to mention her brother, and wants to be everyone's friend, which causes some worry and anxiety for her mommy. If we really wanted to make some money we really should get her into acting! She would nail it on the head! Well, without fail I have some wonderful pictures of our wonderful daughter.

This is of her playing the piano at church!

This is of her trying on an old dress of mine, she wanted to be a princess!

Of course Brooklynn is happy that there are more yellow flowers in our yard again!

Have a great day and strive to find something to be thankful for!

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