Monday, May 12, 2008


Andrew is growing up so quickly! I don't remember it going by this quickly with Brooklynn. I know things go by faster when you have another one to entertain and keep up with. Andrew was so funny today, I was trying to take pictures of both the kids and I told them to say cheese, well Andrew now will hold the camera and look at you with a grin from ear to ear and say "Cheezeez Mama" (I will try to figure out how to add a video on here tomorrow of him saying it!) At Andrew's apt. he has jumped up on the weight chart, he is in the 20th percentile, and really shot up in the height, he is 33 1/2 inches putting him in the 95th percentile! I was really happy with the weight as was his new pediatrician, after looking through his charts and then seeing his current weight he was excited about his growth from dropping off the charts, going to a nutritionist, going to 3rd percentile and then 10th, to now continuing to gain! I think we are on track and he looks wonderful!
Enough about his weight....Andrew is so much fun, and all boy! He is such a climber, Brooklynn never was a climber, Andrew on the other hand you can turn away for a moment and he will be standing in the middle of the table (I will take a picture some day!). He is on a dead run from the min his feet hit the floor. He just loves life and wants to experience everything he can. It makes me wonder what he will be up to in the next few years! I am sure he will be very mischievous! He loves to play in the water and enjoys playing with just about anything. The kids and I almost always dance to two songs before bed, and Andrew loves to spin in my arms! I love that he is a snuggler and is his mommy's little boy!

I know this picture is of both kids, but they have so much fun together with a simple balloon, and they are typical church kids.

Andrew loves apples, and watching signing time! He thought it was so funny eating an apple all by himself. And both my kids love to swing! Brooklynn looked at an add from this last weeks paper and said "ALL I'll ever ask for ever is this swing set mommy!" I said that's it, ever? "Oh, and a balance beam! That's it ever, I PROMISE"
We'll see about that, maybe I could get her to sign something! :)

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