Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Beginnings and a Half Marathon

I have been working out and trying to get in shape, it is not as easy as some make it look! I am not wanting to get in shape for anyone but myself and then for my family. I want to feel better about myself and I want the message my kids see is me taking care of myself. I am finding it increasingly difficult when I tell people about my plan, I am becoming more self-conscious. So if I confess my plans here I can be transparent and kick these voices I hear from time to time. I have the opportunity to be training for something specific, not just getting fit myself. I being the non-runner I am, have signed up to run a half marathon for Haiti. I have to tell you if you asked me a few months ago if I would be training for a half marathon, the answer would be not right now! Maybe when I am in shape, guess who just signed up for their first one? Yep that is right, it's me~
I am running for Heartline, they are in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They provide a safe and clean place for women to come and have their babies naturally and by c-section. It is also a place that the women and children in community can come to that is a safe place to learn about Jesus and to adopt life-skills. Check out their blog! It typically costs $800-$1000 for a safe and clean c-section. I am praying that God will be able to use this run to bless Heartline and their ministry serving the women and children of Haiti!

So I am praying not only that training will go well but that I can kick this negative self-talk and specifically address it. What am I allowing the devil to take control of? Am I afraid of not finishing? Well, yes, but I am putting in miles during the week and following a plan so if I continue to do the distance in training, I should make it all 13.1 miles.

Today, I went to the gym and ran inside for 2.66 miles on the treadmill and then I went outside because it is really nice weather for January, anyway I ran 1 mile in a little over 10 min. and I came home huffing and feeling like I could get sick. I didn't but I am praying I get past this 4 miles feeling stronger and like I can breathe and not vomit at the end of my run! I have 279 more miles to log before the race. The marathon is scheduled for May 6th, pray for me if you have a moment! Thanks so much!
Many of you know after I went to Haiti, my love has grown and I have tried to find ways to get back and ways to impact them, well here is my next venture for Haiti! Please pray about supporting them while supporting me in this run. You can donate directly through Heartline. I will have an application on the side of my blog for donations for Heartline! I'll post when it is up and working! Allison from Heartline is getting it ready for us to use to start raising money!
(*Me feeding one of the babies when I was in Haiti in April)
Here's to getting in shape and saving lives!

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