Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Future Craft!

Okay, so I may be slightly addicted to a new fad in the social network! I have a great friend, Laura, that had been talking about Pinterest. Well, I guess I asked the right person because after our conversation she sent me an invite to join! Oh my, in almost three weeks, I am hooked more on that than facebook, gasp, shocker?! (Yes I use facebook too) I love all the ideas I am finding and all the wonderful blogs that I may have never found without this network! So, I have already added new recipes to my collection and I am tickling my craft bone!!! Have you heard of Pinterest? If not, on the sidebar I have a link to my Pinterest page, you can click on it and if you think you'd like it, I can send you an invite!!! You won't regret signing up, well maybe you will regret the amount of time you spend finding all things wonderful!!

So on that note, here is a craft I will be making soon.
It is on my list of things to do after this busy week of
catering, working, and two birthday parties!

Click here to go to the website!

Okay isn't this the cutest idea?! I know she bought them at Pottery Barn and is suggesting to do the love notes in them leading up to Valentine's Day, which I LOVE, but I have an idea! So, I am suggesting going out getting some felt, thread, ribbons for the straps, and some Velcro. I think it would be a great idea to have the kids write or draw things to each other too, maybe reasons they are grateful for each other, ways they care for the other, etc. I think these could be used at multiple times during the year too!

I'll post when I accomplish this!

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