Monday, May 9, 2011

April 8th, 2011

Last night I hardly slept, not only did the dogs fight outside our windows all night, the rooster crowed before dawn, but I had a lot on my heart. I think we are all at a place where we are tired and spent physically. Breakfast was wonderful again with hard boiled eggs, bread, bananas, papaya, and pineapple. This morning Jen shared a devotional about "greatness" and how we find greatness in humility. (Amazing)

After devotions we went to Yvrose's Orphanage. The kids were super cranky and mean today. I haven't seen this side of them but, I think they are anxious about us leaving. They wanted a great deal of attention (positive or negative) and they clung tightly to us. After lunch it rained and flooded the yard. Some of the kids all gathered on a little porch and watched "High School Musical" on a very small TV. (Just a thought, why/how did they get this movie?! haha)
It was hysterical! The kids knew all of the lyrics and dance moves. Pretty funny. It was really evident how some wanted to be loved on, and how some continued to seek attention in whatever way they could find. Some of the boys would look straight at us and then start pinching and hitting the other ones sitting next to them, knowing they would get in trouble. All they want is your time and attention. I wish I could give them more of that. I would love to be here longer or bring them home with me. Either way I want to pour more into them.
Jen brought nail polish to paint the kids nails, of course they were so excited!

We painted a few but then it turned into some of them, even the boys turning around to paint ours, even our toes. They have true servant hearts. Patrick used his only shirt to wipe the excess paint from around our nails to make sure it looked nice and then they blew on them to help them dry.

Amazing kids, God has blessed me much more than I could have blessed them during my time here. After painting their nails, they ate their meal.
My heart just dropped during their meal. One little girl was passing out trays of rice and set two aside, my first thought was she wanted extra, but her intention: to make sure the kids that were back in their rooms got some before they ran out. Before she started to eat, she was thinking about others, how many of us would do that before our one and only meal of the day? Seriously, be honest....

(Update: Mama with 4/5 pictured, had baby Joshua on April 12!)

Late in the afternoon we went back to check on "Mama" (9 months pregnant with 5 other kids and her husband was killed with a machete) at the back of Yvrose's lot. She was so proud to show us the beds that Randy and Marvin had made for her. It was like "Extreme Home Makeover" Haiti style. After they made the beds, they used leftover wood to make shelves for her too. You would have thought they were made out of gold! Yvrose came to each of us and raised her arms to God and said "Thank you God for sending the missionaries!" and then kissed each of us on the cheek. She told us that she didn't know how she would provide for this woman and her children. Then we came and the woman got new beds, shelving, and food (enough to eat and sell for several months). Yvrose gives God the glory, she takes credit for nothing. What an amazing woman. She told us many stories about how God has provided, blessed them. She has mentioned before, but I am visually seeing how God has planned our time here. First we were supposed to come two months earlier, our trip got pushed back due to the elections and cholera outbreak. Yet here we are in Haiti, elections going on, Martelly winning....God wanted us to be here now. This family wouldn't have been here two months ago, we wouldn't have known the need for beds, etc. Thank you Lord for providing ALWAYS! Do you see this bigger picture? I originally was put off, not seeing why our trip was being pushed back, thinking how inconvenient it was that I had to apply for yet another vacation. (At a hospital, especially on my unit, it is hard) I am amazed! Thank you Jesus!!! Thank you Lord for all these kids, and their love~

It came time to say "goodbye". We were emotionally and physically exhausted but we didn't want to leave. The tears began to roll from our eyes as the kids began to cry. How precious that the kids were clinging to us after a week, saying I love you. I felt like I was not just leaving a piece of my heart but leaving "my" kids behind too. I will miss them so much. Many of the children ran to their rooms and collected whatever token they could give us. These kids are amazing, do you understand that they don't have much, yet they are willing to give you whatever they have. Heartbreaking when they have nothing (compared to our standards). Physically they lack a great deal but they are blessed beyond all measure to have Yvrose as a mother. Yvrose pours out everything she has for these children, most importantly she teaches them about Jesus. And let me tell you, these kids are so rich with the Spirit of God. Their thoughts are focused on Him and not consumed by the rush of things, money, and schedules. I am blessed to have learned that there is more to life than the things I value. I can tell you, I want things to change at home, I don't want to get back into being consumed by everything around me. I want to lead my kids as Yvrose is leading these kids. I only have two kids, she currently has 170+, if I can't pass these values on to my kids then I have failed, majorly.

(Can you feel her love in this picture?!)

Haiti has changed me. I WILL NEVER FORGET!

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