Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Dirty 30"

Okay, with me turning 30 this month (ahhh), I wanted to come up with an idea that would make this upcoming birthday something to look forward to rather than dread it! Really I am having an issue with this birthday!!! I not only feel old, gasp, I found a gray hair....yikes! Really does this mean I need to dye my hair, okay, step back and breathe....worry about things I can change!

Okay! So, instead of celebrating my birthday I had an idea! I have heard many birthday ideas from friends and I am customizing my own idea using a similar name.

Ever feel like sometimes you are playing tug-of-war with your life? Let me explain here. I think I have things pretty well managed, but sometimes I feel like I am being drug in a direction I don’t need or want to go. I want to get a hold on these feelings instead trying to block them out. I am not trying to impress anyone with this; I just want to go down a different road where there is no tug! I want to better my life but in turn better the lives of my kids. A better me equals a better them and is a better bigger picture!

The Dirty Thirty, no it will not be the dirty thirty parties some of you may have heard of! Mine will not consist of any going out bar to bar, but simply tasks or items that I have wanted to get at and attack! Some of the things I made a list of are my "Dirty" little secrets, some are my wants as far as my house, and some are some habits that I would like to instill in my daily routine!
No they aren't dirty and yes this may seem silly or weird, but listen folks, its better than stressing and causing more of those little white friends to pop up!! The reason for it being a dirty "30" is not because I am coming up with thirty things necessarily, but they should take about 30 min. If it takes more than 30 min, it will be a weekend project! Also for something to become a habit you need to do it at least for 30 days for it to become natural!

So here is my list:

1. I want to get rid of my junk drawer. (Yes my secret drawer- I stash things in so it's hidden, please let me know I am not the only one that stashes things from time to time!)
2. I want to re-organize my china cabinet (it stresses me out)
3. I want to get rid of all my skinny clothes, no I will NEVER be a size 2 or 4 again!
4. I want to get rid of all my unmatched sheets.
5. I want to box up all the kids’ clothes that don't fit.
6. In our basement, I want to get my laundry area all sorted.
7. Hang up our smoke detectors (please don’t ask!)
8. Replace light bulbs in basement
9. Flip mattresses
10. Build railing for front porch steps
11. Get fencing for side of house to hide the hot tub!
12. I want to get a storm door for the front door. Really I have wanted one for the last 8yrs.

1. Wake up at a consistent hour everyday (I used to be good at this, by getting up early before the kids to do my devotions, needs to start again)
2. Walk/Workout three days a week (This is to get healthy, not because I want to fit into the previously mentioned size 2/4 clothes!)
3. Spend more time in bible study (I do our group bible study, but I want to make sure I am doing more, seeking more)
4. Keep up with my zones-Fly lady! Especially on days I work!
5. Specifically spend time with the kids doing something with them without the distraction of phone/computer/television. During the summer it is easier to be an “unplugged” family. I want to be more intentional about our time together!

Here's a bonus to this, I feel guilty already about sharing that I have so many things I want to regain focus on; but if it isn't too shameful I will post pictures of before and after if I have some wonderful organizing tips, etc. Again, I will never say I am perfect, but sheesh this makes me feel bad to admit some of the stashing....does that mean I need therapy? I hope not!


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