Friday, August 6, 2010

Air O Swiss Review

Living in Michigan means having to endure the constant ups and downs of weather changes. Sometimes I joke about the weather being bi-polar! Unfortunately my family and I suffer from allergies and sometimes the weather just makes them worse.I have noticed so many differences over the past month since we started using the Air-O-Swiss Humidifier. We do not have nearly as much dust in our house and my allergies aren't going as crazy as they normally would.

Normally this time of year the weather around here is crazy it's hot and humid one day and then cool the next and I usually get sick or have more issues with allergies and asthma. I have much more energy and it is definitely because I have had a much easier time staying asleep at night, because I am able to breathe so much easier at night and during the day. The nice thing that I am loving with our new AIR-O-SWISS humidifier is that we can take it along with us on vacations and all we need is a bottle of water to use it! It's so quiet that I if it weren't for the mist coming out I wouldn't have thought it was on. We have only been using the unit for a little over a month now and I have already seen a huge difference in the family. When the humidifier is in the living room you can just just smell the clean, crisp air. I feel more refreshed and less tired than usual which is worth a lot to me!

You can buy your own humidifier to fit your needs! We will be purchasing a larger humidifier for our house, and keeping this small travel one for small trips and for my husbands office when weather hits his allergies hard.
We recently stayed in a hotel for a wedding we were attending, and instead of having a sore throat when waking up we felt rested, and not a bit of soreness! The Air-O-Swiss travel humidifier is unique, that is great for those that travel. I never knew before of a travel humidifier. This is a lightweight solution to pure air wherever you go. It will fit in a purse, or a briefcase. Just insert a bottle of water and instantly you can enjoy moist and healthy air! When my husband and I go on our cruise, we will be taking this with us!
Please check out Air-O-Swiss, they have exceptional products!
A huge thanks to Air-O-Swiss for providing this travel humidifier to review!

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